Nubility in your eatery

I used to frequent a fairly large restaurant/bar which my girlfriend at the time seemed to like a lot as well. She spent a lot of time there talking to one particular big hunky waiter too. :fume:

We only went there because she didn’t like to go to Grandma Nitti’s. I wanted to go to Nitti’s because there used to be this waitress who possessed probably the most perfect buttocks in the known universe. Eating was a delight due to the proximity of such loveliness, and it’s one of the great sorrows of my life that I never had the opportunity to explore them further. I wonder why my girfriend didn’t want to go there more often?

Of course, wait staff are not there to be pawed, but I hope that a little ogling is acceptable. And honest appreciation always seems to be, well, appreciated if expressed nicely - even if it is hard to do so when accompanied by a SO.

So who do you notice the most in your rounds of the eateries and drinkeries you frequent? And have you ever communicated your thoughts?

Is it that stud who works behind the bar at Alleycat’s some nights? One of those TGI girls in fishnets? The Carnegie’s ballerina? Which peddler of refreshment and joy illuminates your week the most?

There is a girl who wears a thick rimmed pair of black glasses who works in the ‘subway’ at the top of Yanmingshan mountain. If I hadn’t been raised a Methodist I’d ask her to do more than lick my stamps.

Go have a Mai Tai at Trader Vics. Long-legged lasses in Chi Paos.

There’s a “Barista” barista in Tianmu that makes going to Tianmu a good thing. She makes my Americano with love and her eyes are soft pools of sweet sumtin-sumptin. Theres a super-cutie working a deep-fryer in Banchiao that makes my pants feel funny when she smiles at me. There’s a honey that makes me forget what language I’m trying to speak when I try to help her with her English. There’s a bing-lang girl in Jhonge-he that makes me want to chew bing-lang. Theres a young lady that helps her parents with their organic store that makes me want to eat a spoon ful of wheat germ with flax oil. My mechanic’s wife makes me want to bang my head on the pavement when she changes my oil. Vroom! Vroom! Theres a whole lotta women here that are really worth writing home about. Simply wonderful. Gotta give my head a shake.