Nuclear buttocks

What’s all this about then?

It appears to be about naked ladies’ bottoms on the beach, in which case it has my full support.

These people made the BBC website too:

Protesting against the Gongliao nuclear plant. I bet they think writing “No Nuke” backwards is pretty clever, huh?

Best go for that eye test. Them don’t look like no ladies to me!

heh heh heh…they talked a dorky wai guo into joining them…“Way to go Gomer!”… :roflmao:

I saw a nucular nipple on the TV last night. On a lady with cropped hair. She looked hot.

Was it erect? – the nipple I mean.

taiwan should go all nuclear.

Deary me. I appear to be unable to tell the difference. In the interests of educating the visually challenged and as part of a discussion of this very important issue facing all residents of this island, could someone please post some more pictures? Especially Sandman. I think we have a right to know.


Taiwan should be all nuk-clear? Jeez… That is one of my biggest subconsious fears about living in Taiwan. A 7 earthquake causing a melt down of one of the three existing nuke plants. (a good story idea for someone - what would the scenario be) Taiwan needs more wind power and tighter control of wasted energy (like the open door issue). Also new vehicles like the 3 wheel drive Piagio scooter. (with better covering, this is almost ideal for city driving).