Nude Statue of Pregnant Britney Spears

Am I the only one who finds this statue quite erotic? I especially like the hunting motif. :bravo:

[i]A nude Britney Spears on a bearskin rug while giving birth to her firstborn marks a ‘first’ for Pro-Life. Pop-star Britney Spears is the “ideal” model for Pro-Life and the subject of a dedication at Capla Kesting Fine Art in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg gallery district, in what is proclaimed the first Pro-Life monument to birth, in April.

Dedication of the life-sized statue celebrates the recent birth of Spears’ baby boy, Sean, and applauds her decision of placing family before career. "A superstar at Britney’s young age having a child is rare in today’s celebrity culture. The monument also acknowledges the pop-diva’s pin-up past by showing Spears seductively posed on all fours atop a bearskin rug with back arched, pelvis thrust upward, as she clutches the bear’s ears with ‘water-retentive’ hands.

“Britney provides inspiration for those struggling with the ‘right choice’,” said artist Daniel Edwards, recipient of a 2005 Bartlebooth award from London’s The Art Newspaper. "She was number one with Google last year, with good reason — people are inspired by the beauty of a pregnant woman," said Edwards. … -003.shtml


This is mind-boggling on so many levels.

erotic until her water breaks!

I wonder what it looks like from behind! And what is the bear head doing in there?!

It is a statement that while there should be a right to life, this option isn’t open to exotic animals. After all, as we humans enjoy a unique relationship with a god that supposedly shaped us in his form, all the critters of the world are here for whatever purpose we so desire.

Hallelujah sister, pass me my rifle, that danged furry beasty just goddmaned winked at me!


And you weren’t talking about the bear.



The rear view:

EARVOLUTION: Nude Britney Statute’s Backside … ckside.asp

And if you thought that was weird, check out the statue the same sculptor just did of Paris Hilton. Here’s the background:

[quote]New York artist Daniel Edwards, previously responsible for last year’s sculpture of a very pregnant Britney Spears down on all fours, recently polished off a piece entitled Paris Hilton Autopsy, which will be the centerpiece of “Campaign to Rescue Women of Youth,” a public service announcement about the perils of drunk driving.

The life-sized sculpture depicts a supposedly dead Hilton, in the nude except for a jeweled tiara perched on her head, with Tinkerbell (in matching tiara) lying across the heiress’ shoulder. A cell phone is clutched in Hilton’s hand.

To help ram the message home, the Hilton sculpture has an open abdominal cavity and its innards are removable, as if the Simple Life star were really being splayed out for an autopsy. All of the internal organs have been rendered to scale and visitors to the exhibition will be encouraged to don a pair of gloves and pick through the plaster-and-clay remains.

The decidedly morbid display, which will have its unveiling May 11 at Capla Kesting Fine Art in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, is designed to “counter the disturbingly glamorized trend of Hollywood’s girls-gone-wild,” gallery director David Kesting said.

Hilton, who pleaded no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving in January . . . . couldn’t be reached for comment, so there’s no word yet on what she thinks about the finished product. . . .[/quote]

And here’s the sculpture:

Too fleshy, not enough rib showing.