Nukes, n. korea and expat flight

If the N. Koreans flick the switch on nuclear production, if you were in Korea you would…

  • Flee to another country to continue your employment.
  • Carpetbag back to your homeland.
  • Buy a generator and an assault rifle and forge a bunker.
  • Stay in Korea and go to work on Monday like every week.
  • Build a plane and fly to Pluto.

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so…n. korea is making moves towards rekindling the fire under their nuke crucible and start plunking out some plutonium. now, of course there are international implications of all this: visions of doomsday devices (well, what might one call the us missile defense shield?) (what would happen if the system self-destructed?), backpack nuke suicide bombers, radiation-resistant pimp suits and kryptonite canes, etc etc etc.

but ignoring all that for the time-being, my question is this:

what will this instability in north korea mean for the expat scene in taiwan and other asian countries?

i mean, (if we trust in the us’s media’s penchant for paranoic news coverage) we can perhaps expect a large scale flight of english teachers and businessmen from korea to flee to other countries such as taiwan, which will undoubtedly further depress the hourly wage for teachers and greatly increase competition for jobs. in addition, job wages in s. korea will skyrocket to try to entice teachers to stay and to encourage others from other countries to “put their trust” (aka their life) in the safety of korean diplomacy.

what do you all think of this impending situation? would any of you flee to korea to teach, even as the threat of war looms nearer?

oh the humanity!


North Korea is doing what? I’ll have to look up a link about that. I was watching CNN yesterday (first time I found that channel) and saw something scroll across the bottm about that. When did all this start?

Well I went and dug this up [CLICK HERE]

From what I’ve read thus far, it doesn’t seem to affect my plans of anything much. Knowing myself, I’d be back to work as usually.

i wonder how economic sanctions against the north would affect the southern economy…it seems that sanctions are the us’ desired form of “conflict resolution”=let’s starve the little buggers until they give up their nukes. would that make s. korea even more of a hotspot for westerners? but i think that the s. korea’s new president’s anti-west, pro-north standpoint may affect foreign investment and the like…i wonder what holds for the future…

personally, i’d just stay…there’s no reason to avoid going someplace if it’s going to potentially be a target…i mean the taiwan-mainland dynamic is at times volatile…i guess that’s how it goes