Number lock on laptop keyboard?

Hey folks, stupid question. I can’t seem to find the num lock key on my laptop keyboard. where is it?


I can’t see the keyboard from here so we can only offer guesses. You might have to tell us what laptop you have.

What laptop do you have (brand and model)?

On mine I have to press the Function key ‘fn’ and ‘num’

What BFM said.

Some laptops have keypads and some don’t. Each laptop is different and even those that have keypads have the numlock key in different places.

On mine it’s on the top row, 5th from right (to activate it you must hold down Shift while pressing it). It’s labelled ScrLk (Scroll Lock), but has “NumLk” in smaller letters above it (hence the need for the Shift key).

oh found it…i don’t have a Num key…its this weird looking icon.

thanks anyway.