Number of people living below the poverty line shot up by nearly 30% last year in Taiwan?

Found this video released today by BBC, but found the 30% stat a bit hard to believe. Can anyone confirm this with other sources?
The video:

I wouldn’t be surprised that poverty is increasing, but that does sound like quite a jump in just one year. I wonder if it was a result of a change in how they ran the numbers.

Speaking of poverty. Wouldn’t it be cool if Forumosa did something besides arrange parties for expats, such as supporting a local food bank by organizing a food drive or fundraiser to help families in need? Has Forumosa ever done anything similar before? :ponder: What about arrange an English workshop with volunteer teachers with qualifying residency status to help disadvantaged young students? I saw laowais on TV helping to clean up after typhoon morakot in 2009. How come expats could volunteer to do that but not other things? Was it because they had ARPCs? Why not do more to reach out to the community we’re part of? That would be a great idea! I’m sure tomorrow’s hangover will bring me back to reality