Numbers and info on organic producers in Taiwan

I’m not quite sure where to post this, maybe Taiwan Politics, Living in Taiwan or the Business Forum would be better. Mods, please feel free to move this around…

My neighbour is a journalist and does the organic section of a big German food magazine. She just went to the Biofach in Shanghai and was quite surprised to realize that most organic producers in China actually come from Taiwan. Which made her realize that she doesn’t know much about Taiwan at all, so she asked me to do some research for her. Her main points of interest are:

  • What kinds of marketing / distribution strategies persist in Taiwan? Who are the main providers? What are the main products?

  • What is the market share of organic produce compared to conventional products? What does the growth rate look like?

  • Do most producers still focus on China as growing market?

Whoever has any suggestions on where I could find this kind of information, please post them here or send me a PM.

Thanks a lot!!!

You could try this website