Nutritioinist and bapamafa, unrelated

Needed: Is there a nutritionist that has some experience with foreigners and is located in Taichung? I’m willing to check with someone in Tapei as well but would prefer someone who was located nearer. Thanks.

Interested: A friend of mine and I were wondering if there was software that would allow us to write bapamafa on a word processing programme… and if it would let us do it on an English operating system (Windows 98 to XP).

Any information is welcome.

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What’s a nutritionist?

RE: Program for typing bo po mo fo (zhuyin fuhao)

Try NJ Star. You can download a free trail version at Also if you install the programs for inputting Traditional Chinese in Windows you can do it that way. There are some discussions on this topic on the “Technology in Taiwan” branch of this forum.

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  1. will the bopomofo be printed as such or will it simply take me to the Chinese character menu? :?: :?: :?: I want to be able to save and print the bopomofo, NOT the associated Chinese character. :!: :!: Thanks.

  2. A nutritionist is an evil person :smiling_imp: that PROFESSIONALLY :wink: diagnoses a healthy balanced diet based on your specific nutritional needs. :x

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I have NJ Communisticator and can’t see any way of getting it to produce Ba Po Mu Fah. You can use 豬因富豪 as an input method, but I don’t see how to make it write that instead of characters.

If you use the zhuyin fuhao input method of your IME, simply hitting the space bar after the inputting the first

In NJ Star Chinese WP go to:

Input => Symbols input => Zhuyin

A keypad will appear on the screen with all the zhuyin fuhao symbols. QED

Interestingly you can also use this to input tones for pinyin and Katakana, Hiragana, Russian and Greek.