Nuts not nutty

Okay, so Barack, the kitten my son chose to keep from the mommy cat’s litter is, I was pretty sure, a boy. I took in Sissy, the mommy cat, just after Holloween last year and before that hadn’t had a cat in years, but I grew up with lots of cats at my house, and my grandma’s house and there was almost always a litter some place. So I used to be pretty good a sexing cats, but now . . . I’m not so sure.

He was born on Mother’s day, but so far no nutts. When do the testicles usually decend on a cat? I would have thought something should be showing by now. I want to get both mother and child “fixed” sometime next month, if possible, but I’d wait for them to decend if it’s too soon.

[quote]When do the testicles usually decend on a cat?[/quote]4 months.

What colour(s) is he/she, that can sometimes be a reliable test.

Cats reach pubity at about 6 months-ish.

Best to ask your local vet (not the drunk Vietnam one sleeping on the bench in the park that always smells of wee)