Nvidia Geforce RTX 30 Series: Thoughts?

About the technology used in the cards, the Nvidia founder’s pricing, the market/economic impact in TW/elsewhere, or anything else? What are your thoughts before Nvidia’s partners announce their RTX 30 series lineups, or after?

Edit: How/how soon do you think AMD and/or Intel will respond?

Another step forward. It won’t likely revolutionise anything.

Faster. AMD will bring out their GPU

Intel will flounder again cause they dont know graphics.

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I read the 3070 beats the 2080Ti at half the cost?
I feel bad for the people who bought 2080Ti’s instead of waiting for the new 30 series.

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I agree with both of you. Intel apparently announced their 11th gen Tiger Lake CPU yesterday (maybe sorta in response?) and it does not really impress me how they’re still lagging behind AMD/TSMC and even Nvidia with their 10nm transistors compared to AMD/TSMC’s 7nm and Nvidia’s 8nm with the 30 series. I already struggle with heating issues with Intel’s 14nm CPUs, and it looks like it will improve but not as much as with AMD and Nvidia. Hopefully AMD will respond soon. And I also read that about the 3070, looks good so far, but if prices go even lower from AMD’s anticipated response, that would be even better. Very unfortunate for people who assembled new gaming rigs during quarantine.