(NWOHR) Overstay in Taiwan for 8 years

That is not the meaning of stateless.

Stateless means no legal nationality. That’s it.


Then your post is rather pointless


How do you expect to achieve this without visiting NIA?


Why do you think you’d get into trouble for asking questions?

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It’s ok for them to wonder, because they won’t know your identity. You are only going there to ask a question, right? You don’t have to show them any identification to ask a question.

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NIA will not give you trouble when you ask questions for another person.


How can you say it pointless?do you think i will go to immigration and only just ask something?they will suspecting that i know someone who wants to bypass the immigration laws! thats simple logic and in the philippines if you went to immigration they will suspecting that you want to bypass the laws and you might getting into to trouble and they have CCTV camera…although maybe taiwan is different but its better for me to be becareful than sorry

Just shoot NIA a message on their website. I hear you can ask in English and they’ll reply in Chinese.

I hope and i wish someone can answer properly here…to help someone who are in need of this immigration matters for NWOHR

Nonsense… I travel to Philippines… I go to immigration there ask for visa extension I get it granted for three years.

Immigration officials are there so people can approach them and ask for information.


The proper answer is to visit National Immigration Agency and ask as they are the only people who can properly answer your question.


You re asking how to fix an immigration problem without visiting immigration. Impossible and pointless trying.

Either go to NIA or give up :man_shrugging:


Its a nonsense also…asking for your extension is different about asking about illegal immigration laws and you dont know how philippines immigration personel works

https://www.khaleejtimes.com/uae/dubai-bound-filipino-tourist-offloaded-twice-amidst-tight-immigration-screening :arrow_right: go that website so that you can understand the immigration agency in the philippines is very strict and where can you find a country that holding a citizen passport like the philippines can offloaded?even you are a legitimate tourist not going as a worker?tell me if am a non sense?and you are talking about your extension but not asking about overstaying visa and you become a suspect of overstaying in the philippines and they locked you up and be interrogated

I don’t? Funny that as I had a company in the Philippines and had a work permit. Took several months to get all setup. However this has nothing to do with your friend who could even make a phone call instead of visiting an NIA office. As others have replied NIA are the only people who can answer as we also do not have all the full details of the person in question.

You said she has PR in another country? Philippines? She overstayed her entry permit. Yes there will be consequences. Only NIA can advise. Obviously seems your friend does not want to leave Taiwan.


I’m confused. Can somebody please explain this to me?

As I understand it, there is a person with Taiwanese heritage who was able to enter Taiwan on a NWOHR Taiwan passport, but doesn’t possess citizenship of the country of origin?

If this is all correct, then, why didn’t this person ever get a TARC? Why did they continue to reside in Taiwan and work in Taiwan illegally?

If I were eligible for a TARC based on a NWOHR passport, I most assuredly, would have obtained citizenship by now. What in the world is going on?


Yup many people with NWOHR passports had PR but not citizenship in places like Philippines as even though born there did not have citizen parents.
Then Taiwan required them to get an entry visa for Taiwan but then they should apply for the TARC to later get HHR and ID card. This women entered on the visa then never got the TARC or HHR. The entry visa has a time limit.
Crazy as this is.

People born in Taiwan don’t get citizenship here if one parent not a citizen.
Same in Austria, UK and many other countries.


You are :100:% correct what you said and i really confused also like she is now overstayed her visa for 8 years coz maximum of 6 months stay are allowed and i dont know what will happened next if a NWOHR go beyond 6 months even years in this way!and what are the implications…


Why? Why didn’t she apply for a TARC and then subsequently HHR and citizenship?

Why did she go illegal? Makes no sense. Why did she do this?


Often it’s laziness to get required documents to get the tarc. Yes pita but necessary. Same for me to get a tarc as nwohr

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