NYSE:CX - Cemex, Mexican/Latin American Cement Producer


Forbes (IIRC) had a story on CX in which they said it was dirt-cheap. I was looking for non-American stocks that would pay dividends for my IRA. I bought into CeMex when it was around 23 and had a 5% dividend yield. Earnings were expected to go up, and have; Current P/E is 14.2, forward for 2005 is 10.2.

It’s got to be one of the dullest companies on the planet, but it pays out and it will grow with the global construction business. Oddly, Motley Fool had a story in CeMex being the most-recognized brand in Latin America, known for consistent quality in its products:
fool.com/news/mft/2004/mft04 … olnk303100

It is currently at the top of its range. Hard to say whether it is a good buy right now or not; since I’ve owned shares, it has had several pullbacks when it reached this level. I’d probably suggest waiting and hoping for a dip into the 27’s.

It has the usual risks for foreign stocks, including currency fluctuations and political instability. In particular, I wonder what will be happening in Venezuela, since Chavez seems hell-bent on turning it into the next Cuba.

Hoping some people got some when CX dipped into the 26’s about two weeks ago. (On the day of that first post, above, it closed at 29.45.)

“Buy on dips”, as They say. . . .

Anyone been watching Research In Motion (RIMM). Sold it for a profit before it dipped from over $100 back to the $90’s and this week it’s on fire again finishing at $116. Should have held on a little longer! :blush:


Sorry, I think RIMM is going to be the next TASR. Ridiculous overvaluation based on hype and herd-mentality speculation. I almost shorted TASR at 55, was glad I hadn’t when it broke 100, wished I had when it dropped like a rock to 35. It’s all silliness. Glad you got out before the collapse.

But this thread is titled rather specifically – CX is a Mexican cement manufacturer, not a hi-teq gizmoteer. Could a mod split this into an appropriately-titled separate thread?

Hmm. This bodes well:

The earnings estimate for 2Q04 was 81 cents; $610M/355M shares comes out to $1.72. I’m hoping this means CX will go on a tear today. :slight_smile: