NZ can learn from Taiwan? (What all nations can learn really)

News story from NZ

Key similarities

  • Universal public health system
  • High-level leadership
  • Both had daily press conferences
  • Public health messaging
  • Targeted financial support made available

Jesus don’t read the comments. I’m embarrassed for my country people. Making assumptions when you have zero knowledge of Taiwan is ludicrous.


Sorry, I read the comments. Are there a lot of ignorant people in New Zealand?

Ignorant people everywhere I guess. Taiwan suffers because not enough people know where or what it is.

I couldn’t find the comments anyway. Thanks for sharing. I love NZ. I miss it dearly like a second home, except I couldn’t understand the slangs and the accent. The most beautiful anthem and nature

Anthem? I presume you mean


To be fair, consider the reader base of the stuff vs. RNZ, that being said RNZ has a like radio story on the same topic (FYI for non Kiwis: RNZ is the crown/ state owned news source vs the Stuff which is private and has somewhat different reader base)

It does scare me though how dumbed down it is over there since I left 30 years ago.

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Yes, maybe that applies to many places haha not only in NZ. Good news it’s second most read story (today) so at least a few more people can know more about Taiwan (I sure most readers get the good points)



The article and video are great and Dr Summers made some excellent comparisons. It is really good to see that even with a very good Covid response, there are still experts in NZ looking at where it was done even better (Taiwan), and seeing what can be learned.

Some of the comments are a little yikes but you get that everywhere. Most of the highly upvoted ones are making good sense.

Wherever you go in the world, you have thinking people and whackos. Even in perfect little New Zealand.

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The good news is the whacko party only garnered 17,000 votes nationwide in the election.

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Eh, it’s probably because dumber voices get more amplification now than they did 30 years ago. The dumbness has always been there - it just used to stay in the shadows.

I’m not sure if that’s less or more scary.

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NZ First? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I would hate to see them go away entirely, Winnie is too good for a laugh

At this point, I don’t know what else New Zealand could learn from Taiwan when it comes to COVID-19. Taiwan has a leg up on having the ability to quickly build up mask manufacturing capabilities and distribute masks to the public, but if you could procure masks for the public, or implement short but strong lockdown measures, then they are equally effective.

Taiwan on the other hand has a lot to learn from New Zealand, for example, the voting system, giving iwi actual control over their traditional territories so that they can generate revenues for language and cultural revival, also the DOC is much more effective in New Zealand as well.

I started watching, then just could not stop.

No, not them. Advance NZ which also included Billy TKs party.

Aside from one poster claiming that Taiwan has no democracy, which he then got quickly shot down, most comments seem reasonable enough, regardless of whether or not they agree with this article. Or maybe the ugly comments have already been removed?

Yeah maybe. Just a few odd comments set me off. Like Taiwan doesn’t have large income from international tourism. 14 billion USD last year. About the same as NZ.

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“They also live a country where democracy is a dirty word.”


That’s got to be a CCP nerd. Nobody could be that ignorant.