Oakley in TW

Does anyone know where the offical Oakley outlet in Taipei is? The Oakley site mentioned a Taipei branch (for items other than shades), but they screwed up the address.

Adroth, the factory is in Tainan. Don’t know whether they’d have a factory outlet store though.

Sorry, you didn’t ask about the factory did you? Try here ;

  1. Speedaces

No. 35, Lane 236, Sec. 5
Taipei, TW
Phone 2725 2641

Thanks Amos.

Would you the general vicinity of this place? What road is the reference point for Lane 236?

Sorry Adroth, I didn’t realise I left off the street :blush:

Number 35, Lane 236, Section 5, Chung Hsiao East Rd.

And I’m hopeless with directions, so you’ll have to go from there.

NP about the omission man :smiley:

Thanks; xie xie; maraming salamat; on the address

All I needed was a starting point.


Thanks for this post. I have been looking for quality sunglasses in Taiwan. Did anyone have any luck with the Taipei address? I called but no answer.

Called the number and they gave me 3 places with a wide selection of Oakley’s.

Sogo 4th Floor.
Core Pacific Living Mall 6th Fl. there in a sports shop in the L Area.
New York, New York 3rd Fl.

When I was looking for cases for my Oakleys, the Sogo outlet told me to check out their outlet in Idee (at Zhongshan/Chungshan(?) MRT station), as they have more stuff there. Never checked it out, but might be worth a look-see.

Idee, the ladies department store on Nanjing. Hmm…nice sight seeing spot. Do they even allow men in there? :wink:

They let me in on a regular basis – it’s my favourite haunt in Taipei.

But what’s this about Oakley sunglasses? Are they really the best of the best? I’ve never heard the name before, but if you all think they’re so good, I’ll be wanting to go and check them out myself. Any special reasons why you prefer them to others?

I am by no means an expert on sunglasses. I have only ever bought cheap sunglasses or fashion sun glasses by Armani. I tried a friend’s REVO’s recently. Very nice. I did some research and saw the technology involved int he way they make them. Couldn’t find a store in Taiwan selling them so I checked out Oakley after a post in this forum. They also are loaded with technology which makes them safer to wear when doing sports or even driving. Check the websites of these companies.

I want a pair of these.

Now THAT’S a pair of shades!

Looks more like a bra to me.

Seriously Omni, I have a pair of regular wire-framed Oakley shades that have lasted well and have withstood a good deal of abuse for more than five years. They’re well worth the money and unlike the ones above, won’t make you look like an alien!

The alien-looking sunglasses above are the Oakley Over the Top model.

Oakley’s definitely aren’t for everyone(aside from the price). They refuse to fit my big head :?

Talking about sunglasses; the root of my nose is pretty wide, so “all” the sunglasses I try ends too high up, leaving a big gap under my eyes.

So, the question:
Please list more professional sunglass dealers for my nose to challenge.