Oakley Sunglasses?

looking for some oakley’s or something of a similar type and quality. :sunglasses:
where? how much? suggestions, tips please.

you should be able to find some in taipei - depends on the style you like. they have some out here in the sticks (chung li/taoyuan) … check out outdoor shops - aren’t there some close to the train station?

prices are more than back home, anywhere from $4000 up.

one thing i have found is that lenses can be replaced with “taiwan lenses” in the original frames if you do crack/scratch one. i would’ve thought it was BS, just thailand versions, but the optometry shop i’ve used for more than 5 years assured me that the lenses would fully protect eyes from UVA this and UVA that … just not a name brand.

(i sent mine home and they replaced them free …)

warner village

Yes. Geo’s right. Warner Village. It’s actually harder to find Oakleys than you would think in Taipei.

Almost every pair of Oakleys I own were stolen off Loretta.

Just go to the next Forumosa Happy Hour, find the person who looks like this:

… and then wait until this person has had a little too much to drink, and the target Oakleys are set carelessly on the bar, unguarded.

There’s also an Oakley outlet at Idee (S) next to Chungshan MRT station.


There is a outdoor toy type store in the living mall, 6th floor. On 007 street. They have many glasses, even and cool and expencive pair of MP3 glasses. 18000$ for musical Oaklies anyone?

Don’t know where you are, but if you ever get to Taizhong, there’s a cool Oakley store in the relatively new Tiger City Mall, only Oakley stuff including bikes, all kinds of clothes, shoes and of course, shades, incl. the new one with integrated mp3 player, a bit bulky though. When I was there they had really good deals on shoes … Xpet.

Reviving this as I have a question. I need a good pair of sunglasses as I’m going to Tibet and don’t want my eyeballs burned out when I get up to Everest base camp.

But, I need prescription glasses. I’ve always found prescription sunglass lenses never as strong as regular.

Since I already have a decent pair of sunglasses with prescription lenses, would it make any sense to get a pair pf Oakleys and then change the lenses? I suppose the only benefit is getting sunglasses that wrap around the eye case better.

Advice oh wise ones?

[quote=“Muzha Man”]I’ve always found prescription sunglass lenses never as strong as regular.

The prescription lenses are dyed in a dye bath after they cut them, AFAIU. The longer they leave them in, the darker they get. You just show the guy how dark you want them (point at some of his non-prescrip sunglasses, for example) and insist that you want them dyed until they’re that dark. It may not be one of the standard levels they offer, but they can do it.

I’ve had this done in the States and here, with no problems.