Obama: "A Righteous Wind at my Back"

Ya. He just said that.
So did Kublai Kan when he tried to conquer Japan. His so called “Righteous Wind” sunk his ships, killed his men and taught the world a lesson. Soldiers are soldiers and sailors are sailors. Which is he?
Then Japan had the same idea during WWII. Worked well, didn’t it?
“A righteous wind at my back”? WTF. God is forcing me forward? “Mohammed (or God) is my guide?” Damn I hate that kind or crap. I want to know how he will fix the fucked up situation. I just haven’t heard it yet.
When I listen to CNN, I get so pissed of for their oversimplification of the issues.


I’m pretty sure Kublai Khan’s wind was the “Divine Wind” (kamikaze) that destroyed his fleet when he tried to invade Japan.

Obama’s is perhaps “A Mighty Wind”:

Oh a mighty winds a blowin’, it’s kickin’ up the sand,
It’s blowin’ out a message to every woman, child and man
Yes a mighty winds a blowin’, cross the land and cross the sea,
It’s blowin’ peace and freedom, it’s blowin’ equality.