oBike Review -- Is it any Good?


I have also seen many that are already broken and rusting. They seem to rust pretty fast. Not good in a place like taiwan.


The rain over the weekend definitely didn’t help. We’ll see how long they last once the humid winter roll around.



I haven’t actually seen any damaged ones yet here .
But even pristine ones are a crap ride.
Seriously why did they make those damn things so heavy!

To predict with some certainty that ride sharing of push scooters or electric scooters will come in soon.
I see it has started in Singapore already.

They should have ride sharing gogoro type scooters…I heard there are some but I have never seen them.


I saw a report for those, but can’t seem to dig it up. I’ll keep looking.

Germany has them. However, I don’t see it happening (with the current models availabe) in Taiwan where Gogoros are still considered a luxury scooter. As a Gogoro 2 owner, I would be pretty pissed that I waited 2 months and I paid a hefty price, then the next thing I know, it becomes something everyone can have.

If Gogoro pushes out another model for ride sharing, that’s something I would like to see happen. However, with at least a 60 day wait for the Gogoro 2, 30 day wait for the Gogoro S, I don’t see them having the production capability to push out another model.


They ride like the worst bike ever. Did they do that so nobody would steal them ?


No, they did that to steal your money. :laughing:


I’m thinking it’s one reason but most likely it’s just being cheap asses throwing it all together and having no maintenance plan, so they don’t bother making Something durable over the long term .
Remember they make their money from getting those juicy 900ntd deposits they don’t make any real money from people riding them.
Once they have their deposit they don’t take care I guess, that’s why it just needs to last a year or two.

The u_bike on the other hand never fails to impress me , solid durable bikes.



This is what bothers me sooo much on the whole oBike thing, a shitty company parasiting on the Taiwanese society.
Maybe it is better in a city, but this is for weeks already, and no one gives a fuck.


I love oBike and the only problem is that I cant find bikes sometimes. I see bikes and scooters parked everywhere and wherever they want. I could look out my window now and see 10 illegally parked scooters. Really think that 80% of the negative attention they get is because they are a foreign tech company.


That’s the cause of the problem, no one gives a fcuk!


They’re also in Hualien. Interesting that no-one appears to have raised my main beef - they can’t be used unless you have a smartphone (yeah, whoooahh, weird, dude doesn’t have a frikking phone).

So the social isolation of the phoneless individual is here, it’s begun. Soon I won’t be able to have a bank account unless I download the app and install push notification security.

Not expecting anyone here to comment on my ‘non-issue’ :expressionless:.


Sorry your text doesn’t render on my phone.


:rofl::rofl: Oh stop it dude, you’re killing me.


Does not compute :smile:


I do see this as a serious social issue.

By introducing the oBike, Hualien County Gov’t have chosen to marginalize anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone. There’s no Youbike here to fall back on.

It’s shameful. I’d actually like to use the bikes. I can’t.



I mean things are not going to get any better. Why not just get a cheap smartphone?


I’m with you on this. Don’t have/want a smartphone, thanks.