oBike Review -- Is it any Good?


The good thing about OBike is that it is a convenient cheap service that promotes cycling. It fills the gaps between peoples homes and mass transportation.

Said it before. Taiwanese fill every available space with motorbikes or whatever. Parked scooters (illegal and legal) are the cancer. OBike aren’t even that prevalent and barely an issue


Yes, very true. It’s helpful if you do not own a bike of your own.

I agree. Yes, scooters are an issue in so many different aspects. They take up space, air pollution, noise pollution, dangerous for pedestrians and dangerous for other motorists.

Nonetheless, without being compared to scooters, oBike, isn’t too great of a product. My main argument is that, they are being placed everywhere and anywhere and NOT being maintenanced. To me, that’s oBike throwing garbage everywhere.


Well no, not really, it’s stupid people throwing Obikes everywhere. People with no shame, or respect for other people and people’s possessions in general.




But are they really an issue? 99%, of the time they are nicely parked in bike racks. Are people living in a different Taiwan from me? I can’t see the real issue.

I couldn’t even walk up Tonghua yesterday because of illegally parked scooters and shops plus individuals illegally selling stuff on the sidewalk


They look kinda small. Has anyone had an issue being a taller person riding it?


why wouldn’t they be an issue if they are never going to be maintained? its trash waiting to happen. not that much trash sure because they haven’t really caught on there as youbike is already a great system.


It fills in the gaps between YouBike and mass transportation. I like them and they seem popular


compared to china you couldn’t say they were popular. and i understand it fills the gaps, but the thing is it fills the gaps and…is also trash waiting to happen. which is an issue.


The pain with Ubikes is that you need to return to a Ubike stand, which can or can not be close to your starting point and destination.


I don’t think it’s trash. The thousands of scooters everywhere in Taipei, that is trash!


i mean, with no maintenance, what else is going to happen to them?


Anecdotally, I ride Obike to the gym. Mostly when I finish my work out after an hour or so, the Obike is gone. So seems that they are pretty popular. Good service.


They are going to be maintained

Again , find the hatred her towards a company promoting cycling odd. Get angry about the illegally parked scooters that are trash and are everywhere


from what i have seen of these bikes in other country’s, and from how cheap they are. i don’t believe that they will be maintained. and no i don’t hate these, or not hate scooters. its just a flawed system, and digging deeper imo - its a money grab.


I don’t think they are going maintained either. They’ll run it for a few years until the deposit base versus the depreciating rotting assets are maxed out. The goVt will ask them to clean up the bike mess and they will just ride off into the sunset.


The final word (maybe) on whether the bikes have GPS built in or not:


Interesting agreement with the council, though I don’t see why they’d pay AUD50 to get the bikes back if it does get impounded:

Addressing problems that some of you here think doesn’t exist in Taipei?


What did I post? They get tracked through the smartphone’s GPS systems.


Instead of irking all the time, New Taipei City should clean up their shit first!