oBike Review -- Is it any Good?


New Obike user here; thought I’d share my experience.

I’d read this thread and had seen a few around Taoyuan, but when I tried to sign up my phone number wasn’t accepted for some reason. I gave up and figured I’d never use the service.

Over the 10/10 holiday I went to Singapore for the first time and noticed that it’s quite a biking culture there, with at least three different types of rental systems. After renting a bike from a shop on the first day, I figured I’d give Obike another try. This time I was able to sign up without a problem.

Renting the bikes was easy. I didn’t have to pay a deposit as was mentioned on this thread. I don’t know if it’s because I initiated it in Singapore or what. After my second bike ride I had like a -SN$1.61 balance. It seems like my first ride was free, and then it allowed a slight negative balance after the second ride. In order to rent again I simply had to add funds to my account in NT$30 increments, using my Bank of Taiwan debit card. Seemed to work very much like the Easy Card.

Convenience: Extremely convenient for my purposes. I was using public transportation in Singapore and used Obike to get from the MRT/bus stations to my final destinations if it seemed too far to walk. There was almost always a bike available within a block of where I was.

Bike quality: Adjustable seats were good for me. No gears so I wouldn’t want to use them for long rides or on hilly terrain, but for a casual tourist they were fine. Brakes, tires, bell, lights all worked on the ones I used. Very flimsy plastic fenders and such.

Parking: Yes, I did see some bikes that looked discarded in a ditch, but the majority were upright and in convenient places, not really blocking sidewalks or anything (but Singapore seems to know the purpose of a sidewalk, unlike Taiwan). This is all from my very limited time in Singapore, and mostly in touristy areas.

Since coming back I’ve used Obike in Taipei as well. I personally like it because it serves me well for my circumstances. If riders end up leaving them to look like a junkyard I don’t think that’s the company’s fault. However, if Obike doesn’t maintain the bikes and/or takes zero interest in where they’re ending up, then that’s on the company.

So I think it fits a need. Just my two cents.

EDIT: Forgot to add, one negative I encountered in Taipei, but not in Singapore, was a bike appearing to be available on the app, but when I walked the block or so to get it, it was nowhere to be seen. This happened about three times the other day. I’m not sure if it’s due to a lag in the system or what.


Spotted last Friday.

Obike “maintenance” truck. The truck, looking very similar to that of a Youbike maintenance truck had a few bikes loaded in the back.

I was whizzing by on the scooter so I didn’t get a clear look. Not sure if they were picking up for maintenance or redirecting bikes. I hope it’s both.

There’s hope after all?


Seem some people have quite strong feelings on oBikes :open_mouth:



I lol’ed at this:“After exchanging words one of the young men then flings his bike to the ground and approaches the older man who punches him several times in the face”.

It reminded me of the epic beard man on the bus, even though the situation was completely different.


i would like to see the pissed off older guy picked up by some sort of crane and dumped into a major chinese city then watch his reaction. would be like GTA in real life.


Was it obike specific? Seems like the guy just didn’t like bikes.


Unsure, but normal bikes on trains are pretty common.


I have a hate/tolerate relationship with O-Bikes. I hate riding them but sometimes its slightly easier than walking…


I hate riding these bikes, but I have a newfound love for them.

Stumbled out of a pub in Hualien a couple weeks ago with no taxis and a long way from my hotel. A few steps away to my amazement was an Obike and away I went easy bike to hotel.

Last weekend I was climbing the nightmare stairs at Elephant Mountain and after reaching the bottom I was totally tired and just wanted to go home. They to my delight, an Obike and away I went right to my door.

Today I rode the Ubike to the parking area, and then hopped on an Obike directly to my home.


Consistent with my attitute. Rides of less than 5 minutes seem to be free as well…


I have passed many opportunities to ride their bikes; it would have made getting to places easier. Don’t want to support them unless they provide better bikes.


If they would provide better bikes people would steal them! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I wonder what the material of one bike is worth. There are thieves that look for scrap metal, like bridge bolts. What if they collect these bikes and sell the frames?


I saw that there are two types of Obikes, one with a partial rear splash guard and no basket, and then the other with complete splash guard and basket.


Sure, steal bikes, dismantle, sand blast frames sell other usable parts. Lucrative business.


I used an Obike for a little over an hour on New Years Day and the ride was free, which was a pleasant surprise.

Regarding the quality of materials/maintenance, here’s what my bike looked like. Doesn’t seem like they’re in it for the long haul…


Pretty much the same here. Marginally better than walking from my office to the bank or the gym at lunch time.


I hated it a first, love it now. Love the freedom of riding and then getting off anywhere and walking away.

They are adding new and upgraded bikes. Looks almost the same from a distance, but some are larger with bigger wheels and more comfortable seats.


…and leaving the rusted and broken ones out in the city?

Someone shared that Singapore has mechanics, but I’ve yet to see oBike mechanics here in Taipei.


I’ve seen them, in New Taipei City.