oBike Review -- Is it any Good?


I’ve seen their trucks down Nanjing East Rd on my commute home in the evenings, but they are always 95% empty.


This one appears to be available.



I took an o bike a couple of weeks ago in northern Miaoli. It was the typical situation. Walk or ride a not very desirable bike? This was close to the coast, the wind was brutal, every little uphill section I had to push the bike, every downhill section I had to worry about the brakes not doing their job properly. When I finally arrived at a railway station in southern Hsinchu I immediately switched to a Youbike, and what a difference that was! Smooth as butter from there on. The availability of o bikes combined with the quality of Youbikeas that would be perfect!


oBike being kicked out of Melbourne via stringent fines for random parking:

But next month China’s MoBike will be entering lol.


And after that will be poBike, loBike, and soBike, until finally the whole shitshow will run its course and all that will be left is noBike.


My only problem with the obikes is that they are very poor quality.

All the other problems are related to the fact that so many people are selfish a__holes that can’t bothered to find a good spot to park the bikes, let alone even bigger a__holes who find it funny throwing the bikes into rivers etc.

It’s these people who spoil the fun for everyone else without gaining much for themselves. What does one gain from throwing a bike into a river?


This induces…

This behavior.

There’s a park near home and two obikes have been sitting there for the past 7 months. They are both leaned up against the other bikes that have rusted and been abandoned.


Miaoli will have you bikes available very soon. Yah!


What oBike should do is attach a toll-free number on every bike, so that people who have a problem with bikes in unwanted spots could call. On the other line should be a staffer who calls a maintenance team in the area and tells them to remove the bikes, repair them if needed, and relocate them to desirable spots.

Well, before even allowing a company like that to do business, this kind of efficient relocate/repair service should have been demanded by the authorities as a precondition.


Yep it’s all very predictable . Obike and their counterparts don’t seem to really care about their bikes rusting after a year or so. They supposedly do have some kind of maintenance crew but the abandoned and rusty bikes will ultimately destroy this reputation .
The youbike is an awesome machine compared to the yoibike, really well made bikes, quality steel.


I’ve seen their trucks up and down Nanjing East Road after work, but I always see them empty.

I wonder if you can make complaints about obike to 1999?


I had a frustrating experience with obike in Taidong. A few times the map would show bikes but they were nowhere to be found. Pretty sure people keep them at home (someone at our apartment building does that). At one location it showed something like seven bikes and there was only one. My suspicion was that the b&b next door was hoarding them for guests.

Also difficult was that there were two of us and we could not find two obikes together. Luckily we found a second one a couple blocks from the first. And the first one had the stem and bars twisted around so the brake cable was in a bad way and the bike wasn’t rideable until I twisted it back.

In Hualien there was a small bike-pile of like 20 or 30 discarded obikes at Qixingtan.

I think having a parking station is far better- makes them easier to find and maintain, as many have broken parts and bad brakes.


I’ve seen B&Bs hoarding the bikes too. Greedy but predictable.


A follow up story to oBikes in Melbourne, with some creative photos included :slight_smile:

I quite like E.T.


Time to think about an art project incorporating the oooohbikes!


So, who here will lose out on any deposit after oBike went belly up in S’pore?
Looks like the bikes strewed around the island are up for grabs for any and all purposes.

Obike chased by authorities after liquidation


No deposit was required here in Taiwan, except maybe in the early days of obike. I’d like to get a couple of those front baskets… but according to the article the company is still operating outside of Singapore… probably not for long though.


I paid like $800 or something deposit signed up a year ago. Maybe not required now.


Think Taiwan has a share-bike problem?

That bike dump (first few minutes of video) is shocking and kind of cool at the same time. :slight_smile: