oBike Review -- Is it any Good?


I like the concept and convenience too, but the bikes itself are not good quality compared to Youbikes. The good thing is not many people ride those bikes right now, so basically if you park one in front of your house or office, chances are that it will be there the next time you need it. I have such a “private” bike now just outside my office and ride it to my favorite coffee places to get my daily latte. :slight_smile:


I joined it as well, the bikes are pretty crappy compared to ubikes, they aren’t a comfortable ride.
There’s plenty in Taipei city but almost none in a lot of new Taipei city , which could do with them more I think.


So they’re all ready getting bad reviews because of bad quality. I guess they won’t last


I’ve started to love Obike , the bikes are crappy , but it’s a great concept. Think OBike and Ubike work well together


Each time you’re in Taipei City, ride one back and leave it. Start to build up an inventory in New Taipei City. :wink:


Easier said than done…Seriously.

I see they dumped loads of bikes around Daan park as an example.


oBikes have been popping up everywhere ever since your post @hannes .

At first, I was thinking, where are these suckers and all of a sudden they’re everywhere and taking up scooter parking spots. That’s NOT cool in my book. There’s designated bike parking!


Checked it out for the first time and was surprised that there are O-bikes fairly close to my place, which isnt that close to the nearest U-Bike station. I think I can ride the O-bikes to the U-bike stations within the 15m free time period? That would be best!


Need to put down 900ntd deposit.

It’s a good addition, we are lucky in Taipei cos there see a lot if designated parking spaces and Can also park where scooters park. Most ppl are trained to park more carefully here that’s the difference with China.


Oops, obviously I haven’t attempted to sign up yet! Is it refundable?


Supposedly refundable , yes.

They make their money from collecting deposits, that’s the whole business model, a giant pyramid scheme on wheels basically !


Yeah, I was just half fuckin’ with ya anyway. Hence the winky emote.


Man, there have been articles in the “media” complaining that OBike parking is getting out of control and causing mayhem in the city. This is clearly false as I see them 99% of the time parked in designated spots. These complaints are fictions inspired by the insanity you see in China


Yes, before they get bankrupt… :slight_smile:


I haven’t ridden them, but it kinda sounds like that’s how much each bike is worth.


Explain one thing to me,please…(I live in the countryside so all this bicycle rental thing is voodoo for me)

Let’s say that I get at the bus station, find an oBike and ride it to place X. After some time I go back to where I left the bike. What happens if it’s not there because another user picked it up? Do I need to look for a nearby one?


Once you drop a bike, you’re finished with it. If you want another, use the app to locate one. Each one has a GPS tag and location shown on the map. You can even reserve it before you leave your house so it’s waiting for you when you get there and no one else can take it.


Yeah it’s complete BS.


On this morning’s bike ride I saw what I guess were two OBikes left on the riverside path, between Guandu and Zhuwei. I’m curious how long bikes stay in a place like that - it’s one of those locations that’s an easy biking distance, but a bit of a pain for a walk. I’m also curious how the bikes got there - does the company just seed them? Or did someone decide “Hey, this is a nice place to get off my bike and walk 20 minutes to the nearest MRT station.”


I just downloaded the app and am trying to set up an account. All I get is a “phone number is incorrect” error message. I’ve tried every combination of numbers I can think of–without and without the leading 0, country code, etc–but still I’m getting the error.

Oh well.