oBike Review -- Is it any Good?


I am curious about this too. Which ones that are parked on the sidewalks have been placed there by the company and which ones have been parked there by users.

My only assumption is the ones that are parked in bike parking areas and are aligned perfectly next to one anther are placed there by the company. Ones in scooter parking spots are NOT.


Maybe it’s the opposite and Obike’s CEO just hates scooters xD

NOW HIRING: Parking Manager
Duties: leave Obike’s in motorbike parking lots because fuck 'em.
Salary: 6 gorillion dollars / month


I just did it yesterday with my Taiwan number without the zero in front.


So they must have gotten a license from the city that defines where the bikes can be parked and what happens when the bikes are parked incorrectly, if anything.

Need to figure out if the city authorized them to use the scooter parking spaces or not. Then decide who to complain about.

If the city authorized them to park in the scooter spots, and it’s the city that needs the complaints.


It’s another one of those, “can bikes ride on the sidewalk” gray area issues.

Cars and scooters alike all have their designated parking spots and so do bikes! Technically speaking, bikes should be parked in designated parking spots. However, since there’s no license plate on a bike and no way to track who owns the bike, I don’t see anyone actually following those rules.

Bike parking in Taipei is scarce and unless you know where they are, you won’t be wasting time on an oBike to find one since you’re paying for that extra time!


I am wondering, if I leave my bike in an illegal spot and it is removed by the government and taken to whereever they take those bikes, am I, the last user, going to be charged for that? Didn’t read all of the small print, obviously…


Hey there’s a new law that says bike riders that aren’t inside the bike lane will get a fine.


This will be bad for old people and kids on bicycles, if they have to swim in the shark waters that are Taipei’s streets. I feel the government can’t make up their mind as to who they want to favor, pedestrians, cyclists, motorists. And then they have these laws and enforce them randomly so no one has a good idea of what is going on.


I made a typo in my original post. I’ve been trying with and without the leading zero and it’s still saying that my phone number is incorrect. I have no idea why.


The streets are unsafe for cycling because of the scooters. The government won’t do anything to reduce the number of scooters


Mayor Ko is working on it, but he won’t be in office long enough to see a major decrease in scooters. I’m hoping if oBike or Youbikes don’t make a difference, that the local scooter companies start dishing out legit electric scooters like Gogoro.

They are trying to promote green Fridays and giving people incentives to bike, MRT or even take the bus to work instead of driving/scootering.


Obike don’t look fun. They’re very minimalist which is a kind way of saying they made them as cheap as possible. U bikes looks fun.


They serve a different purpose. Obikes are good for two minute trips to somewhere specific at the cost of a few NT


I wonder if the bikes will be out during a typhoon or go around and collect all of them and put them inside storage


Well…according to @IbisWtf and the typhoon thread, we might find out this weekend, we might not.


That would be a logistic nightmare, they are all over the place not just Taipei. And locating them is sometimes tricky.


No worries, it’s gone. It’s already turning in direction of Japan.



i like the idea of O Bike but the bike is so hard to pedal. It goes half the speed of a U Bike


That’s certainly true. I already saw one bike with a broken pedal. Don’t push too hard…