oBike Review -- Is it any Good?


Any updates on getting your deposit back?


Is this for real?
1000 NT bike?
Even crappy Carrefour bike cost like 3000 minimum.

I never rode O-bike, but at a glance they look no worse than old age Youbike.


Probably meant wholesale prices paid by the company.

oBikes bicycles are inferior in all aspects to Youbike bikes, but for me they are a lil more convenient.


I also can’t give you a first hand experience since I haven’t signed up, but a general consensus from the above posts all state that it’s really a piece of crap.

Well, company probably paid 800-1000NT, but the retail mark up is higher.


Youbike is BMW.
O-bike is Fred Flintstone.

They probably buy them on credit or small upfront payment in China and then when they get deposits they pay off the older POs and order more on credit.
I really them or another company saying they factor in 4 deposits per bike at minimum, something like that.

It’s basically a classic pyramid scheme but with bikes as the biz proposition as I don’t believe they will maintain the bikes overtime and will end up pissing off folks . What’s worse is they may trash the bikes instead of maintaining them as it would be cheaper perhaps! We shall see.

I admit I also had a negative reaction when the stuff I placed in the ‘basket’ just fell through the big gaps lol.

I’m not against them I want more bike sharing just think their bikes are really poor quality.

And no I don’t think I got my deposit back yet. I see the payment went through an account in HK on my credit card so it looks like another ride sharing company trying to avoid taxes!!!


They are ok. Have a ride. They are fine, not amazing, but fine. The service is inexpensive and pretty decent.

For me, anything that replaces Scooter rides is a social good.


Exactly - just don’t say it too loud around the locals. I honestly don’t get it, Taiwanese know they are dying like flies to lung cancer and yet they still hop on their scooters and happily breathe the fumes every day.


Meanwhile in Sydney… Reddy Go launches…


This is also another problem. We already had a problem with those wet market bikes getting parked everywhere and rusting. Now we have oBikes “polluting” the city.


So… is that the last rider just throwing the bike there or did the last rider or obike corporation park it somewhere, pissing off someone and this someone threw it there?


I would definitely go with your first assumption.


I would go with the second assumption. Who goes through lifting those bikes over the barrier if not being pissed off by them. Third option. Random juvenile idiots finding it amusing to throw around bicycles. Back in college some a’hole did exactly that to my own bike. Landed down near the tracks of a commuter train near where I lived.


There’s a promotion on right now for free rides on the OBike! Jumped on for a quick trip yesterday.

Also, has anyone see the v2 bikes? They have a yellow plastic flap thing right under the seat, I assume it’s to adjust the seat itself but haven’t played with it yet, only seen two of them around.


I saw lots of them along the coast. I think that there should be a limit of bicycles they can dump in Taiwan… otherwise it’s going to be crazy (well, it is crazy already).


People complain about OBike but did you ever see the amount of rotting away bicycles at the designated bicycle racks near MRT stations and other places?


oBikes do not help that issue…at all.

They only increase the volume.


I guess 95% of the bikes is recyclable.


What I want to say is, trash the rotten bikes and hey, suddenly you’ve places to put OBikes.


That’s actually not a bad point. I feel that cleaning up obviously dead bicycles and scooters takes way too long in Taiwan’s cities.


You can report it to 1999.

We had this old construction truck outside my grandma’s place about 3-4 years ago that had been sitting there for a good 10 years. It was in an unmarked spot, so it couldn’t accumulate tickets, but the neighbors got fed up and reported it. I assume it’s the same process with scooters.

Now with bikes, it’s pretty much impossible to identify the owner since no one is registered to it. Unless you own a x0,000NT+ bike, you normally don’t register it.

You can assume it hasn’t been ridden if it’s rusted or the tires are flat, but…you never know.