Objectivity and bias in media

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the hypocrisy is hysterical, it’s not as if we should even take them seriously anymore

please tell me what % of this is bill burr, i’ve got 0

Sold you though didn’t it? Lol

Just heard Bilbo comment on that article in his latest podcast.

States that they don’t mention how he poops on Fox News in equal measure, all the time and has done for years.

This is from 2017:


I thought he went off to live with the Elves?

Yes. His full title is Sir William of Bagginsburr.

Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson complains that media don’t ask Democratic
members of Congress whether they are vaccinated.

Ronny Jackson: I think you as a press have a responsibility to ask questions of the Democrats as well. How many of the Democrats are willing to say whether or not they’ve been vaccinated?

As CNN’s factchecker revealed

Every Democrat in the House and Senate has told CNN that they are vaccinated. They had all disclosed this by May.

Well he’s got them there, they don’t ask because they don’t need to. Checkmate libs.

During CNN town hall Biden falsely claimed “you’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”

When Biden spreads dangerous and potentially deadly COVID lies, CNN makes a little fact check blurb in the corner so that it’s given low priority to the viewer and later CNN can say “we fairly covered it” to show how they are “not biased”. Meanwhile we all remember how many times an out of context remark was plastered as the main headline news for days during the previous presidency.

The more interesting question is if people have a right to ask for that information and Vaccine passports.

France tried to roll that out but had to scale it back due to protests, I got a jab here a few days ago and was issued a card with official stamps, so I think at some point it’s coming here.

Not to weigh in on the issue one way or the other but I think many see the writing on the wall and some sort of vaccine passport is going to be the norm. Might open a topic on it if I see a good article discussing the pro’s and cons.

I think it sounds a little tryhard to try to paint a president promoting vaccination as ‘dangerous’.

And why is the former guy, who is all about the attention still, not promoting vaccines? The top 20 vaccinated states are majority democrat I believe, Trump can make a big difference in the red states which typically have much lower rates of vaccination.

One guy promoting vaccination, the other actively avoiding promoting it.

The reason they’re treated differently is probably in there somewhere, lemme get my magnifying glass. :mag_right:

This is about Biden falsely claiming you can’t get COVID (and therefore cannot spread covid) if you are vaccinated.

Dangerous and Deadly lie by President Biden.

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Yes, you said that already, no need to spam it.

You definitely have an interesting perspective, I’ll give you that!

Your truth is sneerable.

Even I was wondering if Don Lemon was going to push back on that one when Biden said you couldn’t catch the virus if you had been vaccinated, perhaps ask about the half a dozen Texan lawmakers who were all double jabbed and got Coronavirus recently, of course Don Lemon didn’t push back.

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I repeated it because you didn’t understand the first time and went on a tangent about who promotes vaccines.

The point is, President Biden just spread a deadly lie about COVID. Surely you can agree with me on such a basic observation. (And it’s not even news, we’ve known this since before the vaccines were rolled out, that even if you get vaccinated you can still get infected and spread it to others).

I understand hyperbole perfectly, but thanks for your concern.

Donna Le Moan pushes back in other ways.

I’m going to have to make sure I know what hyperbole means and get back to you on this one.


:drum: Ba tum tss

I actually only made it halfway though the town hall, Don Lemon was reminding me of characters of Guardians of the Galaxy being able to interpret “I am Groot” translatable into English only with Biden incomprehensibly stringing random word salads together and Don Lemon “Ah so you mean…” I’m like “how did you decipher that from what he just said”

Thespians Thespising?

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