Objectivity and bias in media

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Mups, you’re fighting the good fight here, but I think you’ve got an uphill battle against anti-vaxxers and covid-deniers.

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And where are they now? Beer rhymes with smear. I bet you knew that.

The above post is 100% fact free.

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I don’t really see it as a fight. Just try to keep it on topic, let the rest sort itself out.

You were so off topic a new thread had to be made. :joy:


Your argument that discussion of Tucker Carlson’s journalistic integrity is off-topic in here, is noted. I kinda disagree, but no problem with a thread just for him. :smiley:

This is the kind of shit that keeps me from actually liking you. It’s stupid. TC is biased. That’s a given. Post about that. This other shit is just you with your hand down your pants.


Ah, the history of whoopsie poopsie continues

You should go one step further in your deep research.

If you google BLM protests, majority are wearing masks.

If you google the terrorist convention on 1/6, majority are not.

But maybe something to be expected when the difference is lawful protestors, versus 1/6 thugs and criminals. :brain:

Also, yes, it’s noted you like to just post pictures of headlines, not link to articles themselves in your deep media analysis. Consistent with your other claims of what constitutes legitimacy, at least. :sweat_smile:

The Economist bothsidsing, those of you who consume news media can surely navigate yourselves there (:fire_engine:) if you’re curious about the details:

Hmm, I don’t know. Seeing a lot of people without masks…

I think there may be a job waiting for you at CNN! :grin:

I’m guessing that’s the best you can do too. But where’s your pic of the insurrection? That bad, huh?

Google is hard to use, but maybe a better move than relying on your specially curated content . :brain:

Kinda noticeable there were no links or actual photos in the “deep media analyses” from mupsy. I did the BLM google search, not sure that @mups bothered because about half of the photos showed plenty of people not wearing masks…

photos from @Dr_Milker : 1
photos from @mups: 0

Practice what you preach :brain:


Actually, google is quite easy to use. Where do think I found that photo? tinybrainemoji.jpg

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Much higher percentage wearing masks in BLM rallies than insurrectionists, clearly.

I don’t need to try so hard to shift perception though, I just say, hey, anyone can look. That’s Google, .com, not .ru :sweat_smile:

I’m pondering those article headlines, the ones he only posted pictures of, not links to, to make an argument…at first glance it doesn’t seem to pass academic standards, but…

I suppose one could post pictures of those headlines without links, and argue media hypocrisy, if they held the position masks are ineffective. We’ll wait for clarification, I don’t want to assume.

No, if they held that some people wearing masks wasn’t a magical barrier to viral transmission among large crowds of people.

I’m not seeing anything about ‘magical barriers’ in the pictures of headlines posted though.