Objectivity and bias in media

Do you honestly think you’re shifting anyone’s perception (trying hard or not)? That’s a special kind of special. :laughing:

unless you have read both articles and raise the bar with direct reference to them, you are assuming based on the headlines

Perhaps not, but still a step up from this (academically, that is):

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No, I think most people are already aware a much higher percentage of protestors wore masks, than 1/6 thugs. :wink:

But I want to ask you this. Why do you just post pictures of headlines, and not links to the articles? If there’s a legitimate argument to be made for bias, why are you so afraid to post the links?

You just come off as a not serious person, trying to participate in a serious topic, using this method. Food for thought, I hope you improve in the future.

Not addressed to me, but I thought this thread was light hearted.

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If you want to make this argument, please provide some stats.

The bias is right there in the headlines, but if that’s not clear enough for you, you’re welcome to look up the full articles and read them.

The topic has its light and serious sides. If you don’t have a sense of humor I can’t really help you. I hope you improve in the future (but not really holding my breath).

I agree with you actually, these are clearly not serious attempts at debate or arguments, best to just laugh them off. :+1:

More like the bias is so obvious we post it here to poke fun of it. But if defending the “journalistic integrity” of Vox tickles your fancy, go for it, I hardly read even the headlines, saw Vox and thought “what a rag”.

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a lot easier than doing all that reading and analysis, innit? :rabbit:


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I’m not sure who ‘we’ refers to. What collective is this? :sweat_smile:

As an individual though, with individual thoughts, watching the fire trucks pour in to make serious defenses of something not so serious is definitely entertaining, in a light-hearted way. :sweat_smile:

We agree again. Cheers. :beers:

yes, best not to take such things or people seriously, indeed

Another day another derailing of Objectivity and bias in the media, todays discussion, who wore more masks, the 1/6 crowd or BLM protestors, I imagine you are right, seems likely BLM protestors wore them in higher numbers, I haven’t done a scientific study on it though, it doesn’t rise high enough to arouse my curiosity. In fact I’m more curious why someone is spending their time arguing about it in the objectivity and bias in the media thread, I think everyone has heard your point by now.

The eyeball test works just fine. We agree again. :wink: Have a good one.

academically, if you don’t show us the pictures you used to conduct your test, we are justified in rejecting your conclusions

Charlie Kirk doing what he does best, sitting there in a chair and being a complete wad:

That one nailed the landing, so to speak. :sweat_smile:

Says the guy who says he does this for fun…

They all are, I mean, wth…we’re all friends aren’t we? :woozy_face:


Maybe there was an alternative reason for this…like the arson and looting???

Not shocking in the least, another Murdoch rag.

Sky News Australia has been banned from uploading content to YouTube for seven days after violating its medical misinformation policies by posting numerous videos which denied the existence of Covid-19 or encouraged people to use hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin.

The ban was imposed by the digital giant on Thursday afternoon, the day after the Daily Telegraph ended Alan Jones’s regular column amid controversy about his Covid-19 commentary which included calling the New South Wales chief health officer Kerry Chant a village idiot on his Sky News program.

News Corp told Guardian Australia the ending of Jones’s column did not mean the company does not support the “compelling” broadcaster.

YouTube has not disclosed which Sky News program the videos were from but said there were “numerous” offending videos which have now been removed.

As best as I can tell, the only relevant content the Guardian of big tech mentioned was “One of the most popular videos, with 4.6m views, is Jones’s “Australians must know the truth – this virus is not a pandemic”, which was posted at the height of the pandemic last year.” They did post this tweet however:

LOL. Mehreen and the Guardian of big tech have clearly not been paying attention. Youtube’s policies in this area are so opaque that the idea we could learn anything from that simple fact is absolutely ludicrous.

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