Objectivity and bias in media

Doesn’t everyone do that? Isn’t this apples and oranges?

I was just wondering that too, and realized that there is “Asian” meaning “a thing or person from Asia”, and “asian” meaning “of the asian race” (whatever that means).

I contend that for consistency the latter should be lowercase!

Here we go. Another biased report. The report says absolutely nothing about the races or ethnicities of the participants. In fact, this is how it should be. So, why am I bitching? Because the person the cop decked is a black woman and the only reason the headlines don’t scream Black Woman Punched By Cop, is because the cop in question is black himself. Can’t you see the headline if it had been a white cop?


Taylor Lorenz is a crybully

She mines outrage and attention by crusading against the ethically unenlightened

Lorenz’s attacks, journalistic failures, falsehoods and the rubble of damaged lives left behind all call into question why she’s been able to remain at the most prestigious news outlets in the world. (The Post did not respond to a request for comment for this story.) It may be that Lorenz’s beat is just considered too important, or it might be that the clicks generated from her high-wattage controversies are too delectable to give up.

The reality, though, is that it’s gotten ugly so many times by now that the guns-blazing effectiveness might be wearing off. Beyond this, social currents are changing. The notion that online influencers are a real economic, cultural, even political force is no longer a controversial or even a novel idea. Lorenz’s beat is interesting and important, but it’s no longer hers alone and it might have lost the shiny, exclusive new appeal it had only a year ago. “I do feel that there’s something about her I can relate to,” says Christie Smythe. “And I do really think women should be allowed to be messy personalities on the internet. But it’s just like, can you just stop bullying people? Just stop doing that. Just be a reporter.”

No. Way.

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Saw this a few days ago, 41 year old got into a political argument with an 18 year old then chases him down with his car, runs him over and kills him. OK, might have been worth mentioning, but didn’t. Then apparently they released the killer just days later on 50k bond. WTH!!! That’s noteworthy, a few outlets picked up the story now the guy was released, Daily Mail, Yahoo news, nothing on CNN and most of the other networks.

The guy who was killed had time to call his mom while being chased before he was run over so the killer must have been chasing him in his car for a good while.

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There’s some bias alright.