Objectivity and bias in media

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I’d say this article is surely biased, a hard no on Biden, which is why I put it here. What I really wanted to know though is , “Is it funny?”


What if Dr. Fauci can prove he and the team from China successfully transferred Joe’s mind into Hunter’s body to live forever, but Hunter’s brain was so fried by the crack that it took control and knowing all the passwords and shit, he is in charge, manipulating Hunter’s mind, also fried from the crack, which now resides in Joe’s frail and failing body.



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the job interviewer probably was staring at something bigger than her CV

Her ego?


Miss Information - Marianna Spring, has been accused of lying:

It’s normal in folks with humanities degrees. :laughing:

The incurious media.

That’s about right. Whatever happened to my right to know?

I mean I know now that that Bobbit chick vapes and is ok with fondling her man’s nurts in public.

But, crack head potus son making millions? Nada. Buying a gun while addicted to crack? Nada.
Blowing off paying taxes on those millions. Meh.

I’m not a fan of reeducation camps, but these guys are making a strong argument for it.

Terrible bike crash that cop had. Just terrible. Worse still is the reporting.


That link is nsfw. It shows a murder by car. Graphic af. :grimacing: