Obtaining a Taiwan criminal background check from Canada

As part of the security clearance for a job in Canada, I need to provide a criminal background check from Taiwan.

I contacted the Canadian trade office in Taipei (de facto embassy) to see if they may be able to help. They do not offer assistance with this and referred me to the Taiwan National Police (for the record: I did not expect the Canadian Trade office would provide this service; but I figured why not ask).

Any random tips?

I’m actually thinking of trying to find an agency (if possible) to help me with this.
When I was in Asia in the past I used a Canadian agency that was able to promptly get me a Canadian police check.

I’m in Canada now btw.

You can get fingerprints done in the immigration centre.

And then the Police should be able to take care of that. In Taipei, it’s near Ximen.


Sorry, I should have mentioned that I am in Canada now (not likely to return to Taiwan for several more years).

A lawyer could likely get it for you if you give them power of attorney.

This is mine. I recommend him. Give him a shout and ask if he can do it.