Oct 27th Apple daily

If anyone saw the wed’s apple daily front cover, man, what a way to die. :astonished: Why is it that accidents like that aren’t impacting the government to do more about drunk driving? :noway: :noway:

October 27 Apple Dialysis: front page

Man was on highway with hood (bonnet) up fixing something in engine, when a second car comes careening down the highway and smacks into his parked car, he gets thrown into the middle of the highway, then a third car comes and smacks him again and throws him back into the hood (bonnet) of his car, where photo takes grim picture of his lifeless body hanging over front grill. Great work, Apple Dialysis, and what a way to start the day, NOT.

As for changes in driving laws, forgettabuitt, dis is Taiwanville.

Are police in Taiwan focussed on anything other than stopping scooters, filling out their little papers on buildings to prove they are following their beat and looking for new sources of income?

Er, no. Of course not. (OK OK I know it was a rhetorical question)