Odd or interesting software...?

it’s funny, but i often read the tech postings and discover interesting software that i find helpful… so I thought thy not share some of the useful stuff I found through different postings…

Anyone else care to share… freeware only, OK!?

textshield.com/index2.htm is fairly powerful text editor.

and analogx.com/contents/downloa … maxmem.htm maxmemo utility.

kmeleon.sourceforge.net/ for Kmeleon browser which I’m trying out.

I recently downloaded Opera 7 and 7.1 but found it was increasingly unstable, I don’t know why.

  1. My favorite text editor for programming folks, Edit Plus
  2. To get rid of annoying pop-ups, Pop-up Stopper
  3. For website savvy techies, Bullet Proof FTP (though FTP explorer is nice too, and supports drag and drop)
  4. And my new love (I can’t live without it now), Yahoo’s IntelliSync (it can sync bookmarks, notes, schedules and even contacts to your Yahoo account with your Outlook/Outlook Express). If you travel and don’t have your computer with you, you have everything at your finger tips at Yahoo!!

On the Mac side of things, my most recent discovery is Audio Hijack. This app allows one to capture audio from any app that plays back audio, including streamed audio.

You can capture audio (file or streamed) from iTunes, Real, Windows Media Player, etc and save the resulting file as an aif file (ie CD format), which is immediately portable/convertible to any format.

This is especially handy for convertin Real and WMP formats (always a pain to work with) to an open-format like mp3 or AAC.

Check it out on Version Tracker:


Also, take a look at iCommune, which allows the sharing of iTunes libraries over a network:


Hey… keep those Mac stuff coming…

My Mac picks:

  1. Son of Weather Grok (detailed/forcast weather); or my latest favorite, Weather Pop.
  2. Tweaker
  3. Proteus (or Fire) for IM (all major IMs built into one), for Proteus, get the older version. More stable and, oddly, more features and allows multiple profiles (my wife and I use single OS X login, but we have two profiles with Proteus)
  4. Trasmit (supports drag and drop and hell lot better than Fetch)
  5. And most of the little tools from these guys: unsanity.com


I am currently digging MP3 Sushi Server. It turns your computer into a Jukebox or a Radio broadcast station in a just few clicks. It’s a cool way to share and stream your music among a local network or the Internet if you aren’t afraid of the RIAA. But if you have a large and varied mp3 collection like I do, the random playing of all my library is quite a kick. Nothing like listening to Honneger and the Rolling Stones back to back.

Another piece of software I have just started to use is Hydra. It allows you to edit the same document, live, in realtime, with any number of people you allow to join. Again no set-up people on your network are automatically found and be allowed to join the live editing of a single document. It’s a little unsettling at first to have a number of people all editing a single document in real time but I can see some value for this app in the future.

Both free but I think perhaps Mac only.

Another interesting piece of free software for Windows and Mac is the Tactile12000 - “software that puts a full set of DJ gear on your desktop - it is a 3-D, fully interactive, digital DJ setup - two turntables and a mixer. You can crossfade, backspin, and speed up and slow down music, including MP3 files, on your computer.”