Of course they are…


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Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, potato, potato.

Even Mozilla is getting a bit of flak for their latest moves. It feels like none of the browsers are safe anymore.

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I’m sort of surprised this is even legal. Didn’t they lose a court case about it twenty years ago?

I abandoned Chrome a couple years ago just because their endless tech experiments had made things too unstable. Firefox still seems fine to me, but I expect it won’t last.

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What have they got to benefit from people using their browser? It’s a free download.

Why would two companies compete over a free product?

Ability to steer direction of the tech industry?

Data collection and search engines come to mind.

and advertising.

I haven’t really followed what Edge have done since they switched to Chromium, is Edge any better now? Maybe their marketing claims are valid.

My 2c around browser privacy. I duck with Firefox, with the privacy protection set to max. However I still have to navigate and login to google though because my organisation inexplicably uses google for email and calendar.

I think a lot of techies use uBlock origin + firefox these days.

I’ve been meaning to give Brave a go, this thread has prompted me to download and I’ll try it out. Switched from Google to DuckDuckGo a while back. Still have a Gmail account, but don’t use that very much and might do away with that too and will be done with Google products.

AFAIK they all use the same rendering engine underneath (WebKit), or variants thereof.

edit: ah, no, apparently Mozilla have their own engine.

Reject modernity, embrace tradition.


Brave is still a Chromium derivative, just another entity instead of Google capturing your analytics.

“instead of Google” being the operative and important part for me. But that conversation is for elsewhere. So far Brave seems ok, getting a few pop ups though, might need to switch that off.

Sure, I just don’t see what Brave adds over Firefox. Firefox has their own engine too as finley points out above.

Added this as an edit on my last post before I saw yours.

edit/ Just noticed in addition to “New private window” Brave has “New private window with Tor” now that’s very cool.

Does Firefox have that? I’m going to have to try it out for a while, I dumped Firefox a long time ago as they were having problems with certain types of media.

No Firefox doesn’t have anything out of the box that uses Tor as far as I’m aware. But I’m not bowled over with anything I’ve read about Tor. I do remember a year or so ago some press about Tor exit nodes being compromised, and bitcoin keys being stolen from them. So it’s just another shady part of the internet where your data is going I suppose.

The exit nodes are being monitored for sure and from what I hear using Tor sets off a red flag in and of itself. In other words Tor users are the most likely to draw scrutiny from the powers that be. Private browsing is useful in Chrome when needing to change some browsing settings temporally but not across the entire platform.

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Not really related to above, but searching is just so broken now. I remember I used to put in some search words and find blogs, forums, news articles, with a variety of content, actually information written by someone, rather than copy-pasted. Now it is all these sites that are gaming the system, whatever-corporation[dot]com selling, or linking to sites selling, whatever you are searching. Duckduckgo has better privacy protection, but its results are no better.