Offenses involving foreigners on the rise (China Post)


What do you mean? :s[/quote]
Locals looking for a shortcut to a western passport/residence no longer need or seek a westerner as a means to getting it. Lots of other locals have second passports or rights to reside in western countries.

Sorry there buddy, but marrying someone with a second passport isn’t going to help you get a green card. And the rights of second passport holders to reside in foreign countries doesn’t extend to their spouses so easily.
Perhaps you should seek counseling for your low self-esteem issues…

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Jonsie, you’ve lost it. Get a grip on this one. Almost all the ‘foreigners’ in Taiwan are not White. They’re from those other Asian countries, like Indonesia or Vietnam.

Perhaps you should seek counseling for your low self-esteem issues…[/quote]
You lost me, want to explain that one? :s

Well I figure if you ‘attack’ me - a total stranger you have never met - then you must have some self-esteem issues. :smiley:
Of course me assuming that was almost as bad as you assuming I was trying to flatter myself. :notworthy:

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I’m not racist, I hate everybody equally