Offensive photo?

This thread is in response Poagao’s statement here. He writes:

As I said in the other thread, I do not find the above photo offensive. But I don’t think it’s really much of a mystery why many people would consider it offensive. Many people consider gays to be at best misguided or biologically impaired, at worst wicked and depraved. That sentiment is alive and well in many parts of the US and within conservative religious communities in other Western countries as well. I realize that is the minority view in the latter, and that laws are changing, general public opinion is changing, etc., but the negative perceptions remain. In Israel, Orthodox Jews organize protests during gay pride parades in Tel Aviv. Conservative political parties muscle gay clubs and bars out of their communities, and the yeshivas all preach of the iniquity of gays and pray for a return of Biblical law (in which gays would be stoned to death). Intimate gay relations is still illegal in most Muslim countries; Tehran has executed over 4,000 gays since 1979.

I’m glad if the Taiwanese public perception of gays is that tolerant. But public attitudes in the US towards gays has not reached that level beyond places like Seattle or San Francisco. It would be unheard for a person to object to photos of say, a black family. But unless I am just really out of touch with American society, the tolerance level is still pretty low for gays, especially gays holding hands in public, kissing, etc. Heck, the late Jerry Falwell believed that 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina were brought on because of the mere presence of gays. Say what you will about him, he was a popular religious figure. Pat Robertson has made similar remarks.

How about a picture of two Asian kissing in the nude?

Was there a question in there ? I think your generalizations have merit , to what ends?

Don’t think that would be acceptable in a yearbook.

As to the picture in question:
There is such a thing as “community standards”. Whatever makes most people in a community uncomfortable is not welcome in that community. In the context of a yearbook, there’s a certain level of restraint that is required. But it seems the student community had no problem with photos of couples kissing, and most likely they had no issue with same-gender kissing. But the principal made an “end run” around the issue by saying this photo was too “provocative” whether it was a same gender kiss or a heterosexual couple kiss. Essentially, she (I believe it was a she) put her and her peer group’s standards over that of the school and the student community whose book it was.

As for the US, I think the trend is more of acceptance. Not just acceptance, but enshrinement of same-gender relationships as a testament of the progress of mankind in terms of being open minded about things. So, I think while there probably are many people who would find a public same-gender kiss to be uncomfortable to varying degrees (myself included), the most outspoken segment of society would be more likely to approve of the picture than to want it marked out of a book. My way of thinking is to go with whatever the community standards are-- and this case it would be leaving the picture in the yearbook.

That’s not to say that people whose standards are not within community norms should not be allowed their own expression. There always must be an allowance for expression and that is how community standards change over time.

But in this case, I think few people would actually be offended by the picture, and those who would are would be a small minority. A greater percentage would feel uncomfortable, but most of those would be opposed to any sort of censorship. It’s not offensive and should not have been blacked out. And then there are lots of people who won’t think anything of the photo at all.

That’s just my opinion on this issue.

His question, as written verbatim:

I interpreted that to mean: “How can this photo be considered offensive?”

I think the trend is toward acceptance within academia and liberal cities. But in the heartland things are different. Several states have recently passed laws defining marriage as between one man and woman, in response to the Mass. Supreme Court ruling and the SF’s actions a few years ago.

My wife and I were shocked to see gay couples holding hands in public on the streets of Austin when we visited back in May. Not in a bad way; it’s just that we don’t see that sort of thing where we presently live in Alabama. That would be absolutely unacceptable anywhere else in Texas as well. Most of my extended family lives in rural Texas, and I can say with confidence that gay couples holding hands or kissing in public in such areas would do so at their peril. Even in Austin there is danger. There were enough attacks on gays to prompt a gay organization at the University of Texas to create a safety network for GLBT individuals to turn to when in physical danger. Network members would mark their dorm room doors with a sign reading either “gay” or “ally,” meaning a straight person who is willing to protect a hunted gay. I very seriously considered becoming an ally, and in fact regret not doing so.

Why is it still such a big deal to see mixed couples kissing?


huh ? what ?

huh ? what ?[/quote]

Just good old fashioned self-loathing. He’s so hung up on race he hates himself.

But a fair question, ac, and I think it would be fine, as long as neither the two Asians were blokes.


Many people are grossed out by two men kissing. It is a fact. Just like people may have been grossed out by Twonavels pic of a spider giving a blow-job to a woman. Or a guy sleeping with a scorpion.

Luckily people have their right to say that they don’t like it.

I am gay by the way, and I know I gross people out…but I get grossed out by Taiwanese that pull their pants up to their nipples.

Different strokes for different folks:)

Just a thought…I wonder what would have happened if it was two girls kissing…
It’s weird that many men get turned on by women kissing, but not as many girls don’t get turned on by men kissing…

am I going off topic? … osters.jpg

Umm…if you’re going to put the NFSW flags within the body of a thread that has not itself been labeled NSFW, could you please post the link only? Kind of defeats the purpose to raise the flag and post the pic at the same time.

By the way, I think that pic is fine for work, as is the original one in this thread. It was the pics of the girls in skin tight shorts that may as well be panties and revealing tops with cleavage popping out that should have been NSFW flagged and linked, rather than just posted.

It is sad to hear that such ignorance and bigotry is still so prevalent across most of the US. If more people in the 60s had simply dismissed the civil rights movement of the 60s or the women’s suffrage marches earlier in the century as “Well, people just feel that way about (insert minority group here), so that’s that” we’d still have separate drinking fountains and men-only polls.

Am I giving you the impression that is how I feel? I must not be communicating myself particularly well here.

No, the things you’re saying indicate that is how most people in the US feel, which I find disappointing. I haven’t lived in the US for a long time and hadn’t realized things were so bad there in this respect.

eeewww. Is my first thought. Not because they’re gay, or mixed or whatever but because…well just read below.

Straight lust over lesbian love

[quote]When I was 17, I persuaded my otherwise protective dad to let me attend a suburban Detroit club’s high school night. I struck up a conversation with a guy who eventually invited over two attractive 15-year-olds and told them to kiss each other.

They did. Tongue and all.

I couldn’t stand up for a while.

Sure, I’d enjoyed girl-on-girl porn as a teen, but seeing it live piqued a desire to witness acts otherwise forbidden to my straight-guy eyes.

I’m the guy who rents lesbian “art” movies from the indie films section at Blockbuster just to see the action. Someone I once dated asked me why I own three seasons of “The L Word” on DVD. I couldn’t tell her in all honesty that it was purely for the dramatic content.

I’m surprised by the number of so-called straight women who seem to be in the same boat when it comes to this action.

[color=darkred]It’s no secret that women tend to be more comfortable than men in recognizing the beauty of their own gender. Yet I didn’t realize how fluid female sexuality is in comparison to males until I was in college, where I would hear women say, “I’m not gay, but I’d have sex with her.”

That “her” was often Angelina Jolie, whom I affectionately dub the “lesbian maker.” When I saw “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in 2005, the ladies leaving the theater weren’t talking about how good Brad Pitt looked. It was all about Angelina. She’s my hero.

Researching this column I asked about a dozen women in my life—who all identify as heterosexual—how they feel about women getting intimate with each other. Half of the responses confirmed my theory, ranging from. “Sure, women are much better to look at; more sensual beings” to “[Bleeping] delicious. Trust me, I’ve taped it.”[/color]

I’ve got to get my hands on that tape.

I asked the same women if they would be attracted to two men having sex. I basically got, “Hell no” across the board. I’ve not met one straight woman intrigued by male-to-male boot-knocking.

Why is it that for men, straight usually just means straight? No doubt society is structured to castigate men with feminine inclinations, but I definitely believe there are fewer shades of gray in that department. Most guys who are attracted to women are likely to reject the idea of flirting with other men.

I know what some of you are thinking: “Well, straight guys think about other guys like that; they just don’t express it.”

Perhaps, but don’t think it’s nearly as common. Most straight men I know have no problem identifying the attractive qualities of men without wanting to get them in the sack.

My buddy, Vernal, said I’ll get slapped on the street for writing a tribute to lesbians. I’m simply expressing the way many guys feel about the beauty of two women locked in a sensual embrace. Trust me, ladies: The guy you’re dating right now likely has fantasized about you and a group of your hot friends rolling around together.

We can’t help it. We’re just wired that way. [/quote]

HG wrote: [quote]Why is it still such a big deal to see mixed couples kissing? [/quote]

“Mixed” what? species, nationality, gender?

By the way, I’m in a mixed-gender, mixed-nationality relationship.

Yeti vs merino? A wooly humper?