Offensive Quaker Oats Ad?

It’s just possible I heard this wrong, but in a Quaker Oats commercial I just was half paying attention to, the “Grandma” character referred to someone, her son-in-law I suppose, as “a-dok-a baba” and there was a (suitably goofy looking) foreigner there indeed, so I guess I didn’t hear it wrong.

The term “a-dok-a” (pointy nose) doesn’t always bother me, but it seems like a bit too much here, do you think? I couldn’t find a copy of the ad on the tube or elsewhere unfortunately.

Doesn’t bother me. Maybe because I have a pointy nose. Damn Jewish bloodline! DAMN YOU!

At least I don’t have a Jew-Fro…poor bastards those ones are!

It would only bother me if I was on the concrete and some Taiwanese were kicking me and/or throwing rocks at me and calling me pointy-nose.

It’s not what people say with me, it’s how they say it. :wink:

I had a flashcard of a long, aquiline nose that I placed over my own little Bjork-like nose the other day. Little bastards swore up and down that they were the same pointy nose. Buggers.