Office 2000 vs. Office XP

Does anyone have experience with both?

I am particularly interested in what has gotten better with Outlook XP. What new features have been added?


I still have Office XP at home. Terrible! Terrible! Those tagged command really drive me mad. File format is xmled but worst that predecessor word97. I sometimes experience file cannot be opened and lost precious pages written all night.
I think Office 2000 served all the purpose right now, all though I’m more in favor of word97 file format.


What’s with the tagged commands? I have it installed but I haven’t actually started using anything in XP yet. I am running both 2000 and XP on my system right now trying to figure out if it is really worth it.

My advise is still stay out of XP. There is only onething in XP that you cannot do on win2k. The integration of MSN messenger with XP. You can do remote desktop sharing with messenger on XP.
But you can do the same if you have VNC virtual network computing.

Tagged command is a stupid idea in my opinion. It’s like when you did a Ctrl+C on Word XP, you will see a tag on that word and it lets you have command to paste or whatever when you click on the tag.

well, I hope I illustrate it clearly. You might want to check about the so-called feature (read bug) on microsoft website.


So XP is not more stable then 2000? Now I am talking about the O/S.

I will have to look closer at the tagged command fuction, there is probably a way to turn it off. I have noticed XP is more complex then 2000, but there are always ways to turm stuff off you don’t like. And if there is not, well… so be it I guess…

Anyway I still want to know if there is anything better with Outlook.

XP is in someway more stable than OS afterall if they don’t improve it why would they release it. They built an internal firewall right into its kernel and make it strong bastion.
When XP was first released it came with a major feature UPnP that let hacker have full access to ones PC. FBI has released full warning on this and patches to remove this UPnP service can also be downloaded.

I’m still not in favor of XP, may be of the longhorn is released I’ll play with it.


Ok…this started off as Office 2k v Office XP but appears to have shifted. Anyway, here are my thoughts:

Office: They aren’t too different. I used Office 2K for a long time and was ok with it. I’m using Office XP now and like it more than 2K. It does things much more intelligently in general (but that Smart Tag stuff was quickly disabled). I haven’t found that many differences, just that XP allows me to do things smoother.

Windows: I don’t recommend people running Win 2K unless you REALLY know what you are doing. I mean in terms of keeping up with security patches, securing your computer, etc. I’ve seen too many hacked Win2K computers to feel comfortable recommending it to any of my friends. WinXP makes some minor but very important changes to the OS and generally runs smoother for the home user. I’ve noticed that boot times are faster.

ax: The UPnP problem existed as far back as Win ME.

here’s how to turn off the smart effing tags…



New Topic for Office 2000 and XP:

What Outlook files do I need to find in Outlook 2000 to move over to Outlook XP?

I have found outlook.pst which is my mail file. But I have contacts and settings I would like to move over as well. What files should I look for?


If I remember it correctly, in your old Outlook, you should be able to export almost everything. And on the new Outlook, you can then import them back in again. Outlook hides the .pst files deep in the folder structure on the C: drive within “Documents and Settings”.

But if you are just upgrading Outlook from 2k to XP, it should be a smooth transition…

Thanks scchu, I forgot about the export function. I am currently using two operating systems to get everything transferred over and to make sure XP is running smoothly before I go and delete 2000. I was able to find my .pst files these are no problem, but once I open these in Outlook XP none of my settings and contacts appear. I’ll try the export function and see what happens.

Thanks again!

Jeff, let me know if you have any issues with this. I’ve done this a million times. I also have to export and burn a CD often of my PST file since I use Outlook to keep all my contact, task and note data for my Palm.

Jeremy thanks, I will let you know if I have any problems. Though on another topic I may need your help. Everytime I back up my .pst files to a CD I can never open them again. I have even contacted Microsoft about this and downloaded tons of software from them to try to fix the corrupted .pst file, to no avail. The last resort is to send the disk to Microsoft directly and let them try to open it, but they don’t accept everyone’s and I think there is a charge. Can you explain to me the steps you use to back up your .pst file to a CD. In the past I have tried simply dragging and dropping into Nero and then burning a CD. I have also tried to make a backup copy and then copy it on to a CD. I believe I have even tried the export option. My file will copy back to my harddrive, but no matter what I do that .pst file will not open again. So far I only have 600megs in that file and Microsoft says anything over 2 gig forget it. So I am within my limits, how can I back that file up in the future so I can open it and how can I open my old .pst CD files?


What error message do you get ? How exactly are you opening them ? Are you pasting the outlook.pst file from CD over the outlook.pst file on your disk ? Or are you importing the contents of the pst file into outlook ?

Hi Jeff,

To be honest … I don’t know. I’ve never ecountered this problem. What I can do is tell you how I do it:

Outlook 2000

  1. Select File > Import and Export.
  2. Select “Export to a file” > Next.
  3. Select “Personal Folder File (.pst)” > Next.
  4. Select “Personal Folders” at top of list to export everying.
  5. Make sure to check “Include subfolders” > Next.
  6. Make sure to rename file to something unique, as Outlook will amend existing exported files done in the past. If you wanted to make incremental backups to an exiting exported file, this is what the “Options” are would be for. In the case of a new export, I don’t think these have any meaning.
  7. Finish

  8. I usually choose “Best Encryption” and enter a password.
  9. You will be asked for the password right before the export begins.
  10. I use Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 to simply burn it to a data CD. My latest PST file is around 450MB.
  11. Importing later is just a matter of using the “Import and Export” feature. In this case you would import another entire “Personal Folders” list next to the currently active one. (It is a little hazzy how I replaced one with the other).

Hope this helps.


Umm… Maybe you or the MS tech support guys have already asked about this, but when you copied the .pst file back on your 2000/XP OS, have you checked the permission? Often when you burn something to CD, the permission is automatically changed to “read only”. I almost went crazy not being able to recover my Outlook Express files because of this. And all I had to do was to change to permission and BOOM! Everything worked again…

Yes, I forgot to metion this. This actually happed to me too. Got to change the permission of the .pst file. Good one!

Umm… Maybe you or the MS tech support guys have already asked about this, but when you copied the .pst file back on your 2000/XP OS, have you checked the permission? Often when you burn something to CD, the permission is automatically changed to “read only”. I almost went crazy not being able to recover my Outlook Express files because of this. And all I had to do was to change to permission and BOOM! Everything worked again…[/quote]

This has also happened to me.

I hope I am not insulting your intelligence or skill. But I too have had problems involving opening data files that have been written to CD and then copied back to hard disk.

I did notice that when a file is copied back that unclicking the read-only function on the Properties helped a lot. For some reason, its default is read-only.

If you have already tried this, then please forgive me. If not, try it and see what happens.

Oops someone already mentioned this! We should always read the end of a thread before posting, I guess

Kenneth :blush: :blush:

Thanks Jeremy I will try that and test it.

Hexuan the error message I get is “Properties for this information service must be defined prior to use.” And then it says that the file I am trying to open is not a .pst file, but indeed it is a .pst file, I have checked the extension.