Office based in US, working remotely in Taiwan

Thank you for your reply!

But what if you have dual citizen? But just never worked here and have no income.

If you can afford it, I highly recommend talking to a tax professional. I did so, and felt that the quality of information I got was a lot higher and more specific to my needs than what I found on this forum and other websites (although I know everyone means well).

For example, your being a dual citizen (if you have HHR here with 身分證), has implications that are different from a lot of people in the forum. There are also differences between being technically obligated to file here, and actually owing tax here.

If people aren’t in your situation, they may not have researched how your situation may be different from theirs. I don’t think anyone is intentionally trying to mislead anyone, but expert advice for a subject of this level of complexity is best if you can afford to spend money on it.

Your citizenship doesn’t make a difference. What matters is your tax residency status.

Will be interesting to see if Taiwan just accepts all the people who have been living here during covid times who are going to try claim they’ve been living here with no income…

Do you have someone you can recommend in Taiwan. I don’t think any thought about any implications until they run into it.