Office Hours? Self-improvement?

I work in a public school. I have office hours. I should be busier soon, but the beginning and end of every semester can be rough. If you were me, and you were trapped in an office as I am now, how would you make use of that time? How would you improve yourself? Develop new skills? Become more enlightened?

Reading Forumosa, well its how I have killed a couple of hours today. The lesson I have taken for it is, I’m not going to get them 2 hours back.

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I’m in the same boat.

you can learn more Chinese or something you like, or just enjoy the free time.

Looking for more specific suggestions. Ideas of what other people do. But thanks for replying.

Meditation! I mean meditation, not sleeping!

I’ll meditate on that.

You teach English on a boat??


In an office on a boat!

Sure, I work on a boat. But it’s not a fun boat. It’s a very serious, very academic boat. And we never go anywhere interesting. Only the kids do that. I’m stuck here!

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There’s no self improvement during office hours - only tormenting hours dealing with boss and customer’s so I visit this site to read other’s people mind sometimes they make me laugh in silence and smile without facial expression.

Today i’m the happiest person in this home office … :relaxed::smile: she is travelling for couple days.

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You’re a stiff?

yes i need to be stiff or else she will think the other way around …

I’d probably just have a couple of beers and practice the saxophone.


Beers are off the table. I guess I could practice guitar a bit.

Then get a mini fridge under the table :wink:


Can’t believe no one’s mentioned masturbation…:muscle:

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Can’t you get a little fishing in??

At least work on your tan.

Years ago there was actually another foreign guy who got “let go” for masturbating in the bathroom in another school.

These are all things I have done in the past but not anymore. Study for a big government exam. Study a language (flash cards, for example). Watch debates about a topic I like. Learn about semiconductors (youtube and reading what’s available on the internet). Any one of these things could occupy you for a long, long time.

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