Office Hours? Self-improvement?

I knew a guy who got fired for looking at online porn in his cubicle. He wasn’t even cleaning his rifle. Is nothing sacred?

i can sense a “have you ever” thread in the making here but there’s no way I’m going to kick it off…

Are you sure this was not just his, rather creative I might add, way of resigning?

Also, how did he get caught?

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Just your standard Taiwan spy cam setup in there?

There was a guy who was banging his TA while his kindy students were having their nap. One of them woke up.

I think he got deported.

No idea how he got caught. I heard about it from coworkers after I signed the contract with that school.

Got deported for waking up?



Now I’m even more confused. Which one woke up? The guy or the TA?

I’m guessing his buddies back home heard that story a few times…

or the student who woke up? :joy:

Tough, but fair.


Yup, I’ve studied for licensure exams, made bunch of new PPT for the upcoming classes, and did some “self improvement” studies. I honestly don’t understand what’s so rough about these office hours. Now I use it as a peaceful time to reset my mind before I jump back into a chaos that we call classrooms.

Trapped? You’re getting paid to do whatever you want in the office. Heck, my school offices have AC too! It’s all a perspective imo…

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In the bigger picture of course you’re right. Even if there’s no AC here. Even if I prefer teaching class to preparing for class. This is my eleventh year at my school. I just don’t need that kind of prep time.

Get into detailed discussion on possible MRT route options.

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Did they smell the juice/slime/ejaculate? How else would they know he’d masturbated? No doors?

Due to the state of his sticky balls?

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Do they do a ‘ball’ search before class?

I’m in the wrong part of Taiwan for that, unfortunately.

The answer to that question is: I’d rather not know.