Office manners

So… I don’t know if I’m just clueless, but do you feel it is rude if someone approaches you to talk and you just sit the whole time while talking?

That just happened to me!
Are you my co-worker?!


Was it a foreener? :thinking:

No, if you both stand then everyone notices, your boss calls your attention: work slave, no time to talk!!!

What’s the etiquette on shoes at your desk. My feet get sweaty so I find taking my shoes off when I’m sitting at my desk is more comfortable and lets my feet air out. I keep my socks on. I developed this habit since I’ve had my own class/ work space for years.
Now I’m on an office with others and I still want to do it. Thoughts?

Do your feet/shoes stink?

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Not really. I’m just worried because when people come to talk to me I rush to put them back on… They see I’m not wearing them. I feel it’s totally normal. Let them air out. If I keep them in all day my shoes do stink

Slippers okay, bare feet nokay. Just get some light, breathable slippers to wear at your desk.

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Wow that’s a good idea. Thanks @Dr_Milker

It depends on their status. Here, that is. Don’t ask me about other places lol

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“I’m sealed to my privy and can only deal with one shit at a time.” Churchill

EDIT: Sorry, I misread “sit”

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No, I always remain seated. I offer them a chair if it’s something that’s going to take a while. I only stand up if it’s someone important for that fake respect stuff, the bow and hands together thing

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Probably not

My previous corporate experience

  1. If my lady boss called me and wanted to discussed lengthy matters I seat.
    If CEO want to ask particular topic I just standstill unless he offer me to seat.
  2. We are not allowed to talk or wondering around.
  3. Not allowed to used mobile phones and many things.

At present, working alone with my lady boss sometimes I know I’m rude not looking at her while on business discussion she knows I’m busy my eyes and fingers on screen/keyboard, my ears on her and my brain on different topics.

What matters is how you handle your job and you bring good performance.


I believe that the lady bosses prefer just to be called “boss” nowadays, at least for those rare situations where “darlin’” or “sweetheart” isn’t appropriate.


Loafers are the solution. It’s perfectly fine with business causal if you get dress loafers. Easy to slip on and off. I wear them a lot.

Yeah, and it’s fine to slip them off while you’re sitting at your desk, right?

That’s why they’re so popular and acceptable with even a suit nowadays with the right match. People slip them off at the desk and no one even knows.

Nice. Thanks. Yeah I had been doing that but wasn’t sure if others do. If I put my shoes on then don’t take them off till I get home, that’s like 10 to 12 hours with them being on. Dress shoes don’t breathe either.

There’s also napping etiquette. Apparently, you’re supposed to sleep with your face down (facing the desktop) with your head resting on your crossed arms, and not lie back on your chair with your feet up on the desk. I never used to nap before coming to Taiwan, but now I do it, except I find the latter posture much more comfortable and easier to fall asleep in.