Official COVID rules for schools

Hey I’m was wondering where to find the official rules for schools (private, public, and cram) with regards to COVID. I ask because heavy emphasis is being put on masks and temperature taking 3x/day (yes, even once right before they head home), which is fine, but other stuff seems silly and I don’t believe them when they say “the government said so”. Examples include the children eating in close proximity “but there’s plastic barriers up so it’s fine” and also zero distancing in the classroom throughout the day. Also disinfecting EVERYTHING with bleach at the end of EVERY day.

Anyone know where I can find the official regulations so I can confirm how much of it is BS and how much of it really is required? Thanks!

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This sounds exactly like my daughter’s school. They even have to brush their teeth at their desk. One cup for water, one cup to spit into.

Sounds like a lot of bullshit. But it is official bullshit. The government is making us wear masks outside so of course there will be a lot of nonsense rules at school.

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I’m not surprised. The school I’m teaching at has actually banned teeth-brushing this year because of COVID. I guess they are allowed to use floss picks though?? They will need a lot of instruction on how to throw those in the trash!! But you’re saying they’re brushing at their desks at your daughter’s school, so that would seem to me that each school is making things up as they go and that the government isn’t giving clear direction to anyone

I tried looking on the Taiwan laws website but it looks like there aren’t a lot of laws on the books about COVID management (I can only find the laws about rumor spreading and mask hoarding, etc. was passed in 2019 and much before)

I called the CECC (CDC?? 1922) to ask about school lunch. I guess the Chinese version of their site is much more comprehensive than the English version. My brain doesn’t want to sift thought that much Chinese but if anyone wants to know, it’s there.

Anyway: For lunch in schools, it doesn’t matter how far apart children are as long as there are plastic dividers. If no dividers, “ideally” 1.5 meters distance.

Sounds like the Taiwanese government is ignoring the science (“plastic barriers are pointless and may even do more harm than good”) and the schools that insist “the government told them to” are actually full of crap. I didn’t actually ask about anything but lunch though. I felt like plastic barriers when there are 25 kids eating in a 10x10 meter space wasn’t doing much, but the CDC says “okedoke!” so I’m just gunna leave it there and cross my fingers my vaccine works!

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Plastic barriers are wonderful for their magical powers at schools. They may not repel COVID but do repel all sorts of critical thinking and logic. Highly effective for Taiwan’s education system.

In the defense of barriers, it’s really hard for children to talk to each other when there’s three walls of plastic surrounding each of them…

I am curious if I’m going to walk into a (university) conversation class in a couple of weeks and discover this kind of set up.

Probably. Sounds like the official guidance is 1.5 meters between students or plastic barriers. Do students over the age of 18 get an exception? Sounds like they did get other exceptions than K-12, so I wouldn’t rule out the possibility…

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