Official English version of this school name?

My friend works at a senior high school which is now also a college. She’s been asked to provide an English version of the school name. Is there any standard, official term for this kind of combined school?


Thanks very much.

For this kind? I don’t think so - apparently this is the first of its kind in Taiwan, so they’ll be setting the precedent.

Doesn’t Shi-ta have the same situation going with a high school on – is it farther down Hoping Road?? [Where’s the “losing geographical touch with Taipei” icon when you need it? Maybe a smilie turning a map around over and over? :wink: ] Anyway, I’ve heard of a couple of them already, and if not, you have the whole “X Medical School Affiliated Hospital” situation which is pretty much parallel linguistically.

There’s definitely one in Kaohsiung:

I’m not sure that “National Kaohsiung Normal University Affiliated Senior High School” is the nicest or most concise name for it, but it does accurately describe the relationship between the schools in the title, and I’ve seen it enough times to suspect this is the de facto standard in Taiwan for translating this sort of thing. You’d just have to tweak it to reflect “vocational high school” or whatever you want to call the affiliate.

[quote=“ironlady”]Doesn’t Shi-Da have the same situation going with a high school on – is it farther down Heping Road??[/quote]Yeah, but they’re physically separate - as I understand it, this is one single school that includes both high school and college.

When you say “college” do you mean “college” or “university” ? I went to one that was a both school and a sixth form college, it was just called a school.


Isn’t a 專科學校 something closer to a junior college or trade school than a university?

Yeah. Just pointing out how the “fu” part could be handled. That would seem to be the major sticking point.
I don’t think it matters where the building is physically located. In the case of hospitals, the buildings can be on the same physical campus as the medical schools. The name in Chinese is still constructed using this morphology.