Officially gave up looking for a stable job in TW...


oh… and just a quick note on the fam thing.
in my XP. a child is a womans world. no gettin around that
I had a realatively hard time working in a school for disabled and mentally handicapped children in Germany 14yrs ago (I was helping my German host mom from years before)
I speak perfect German, and could pass as some German.
However, at the time, I had long curly hair, and there where two kids that where VIOLENT (teens) towards me. would tackle me and want to pull my hair out.
a story solved our problems. I dont remember exactly what it was, but we came up with a story about how my hair was magical and helped me help come up with games and stuff. it worked.
they are kids after all.

you just have to work with them (him). and of course. WANT to work with him. if you dont. as others have said. your relationship is lost. keep that in mind.

when my daughter changed her meds, her new one would put her in mood swings. happy than angry and throwing fits.
distraction was key. if she was throwing a fit.
throw in a game or a toy or a flower candy cookie wahtever
distracted and happy again.

try the story thing. and food/candies.
but, again. you have to really want it. if she is worht it to you. make the commitment to youserlf.

my 2 cents.
gotta go. girls callin


Maybe that’s a good thing. Being ABT in Taiwanese company is even harder, or better word, weirder, than being a foreigner, especially since you don’t speak Chinese. They will expect you to act as a local, who grew here. Life can become pretty depressing.


True words. I strongly dislike the sentiment that one’s financial status or social stock has any bearing on one’s attractiveness. Some of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever dated or known have come from essentially nothing. No child can choose to be born into wealth or poverty. Though, if we want to get into that topic than it should be pointed out that in days gone by wealthier families used to try to preserve “pure” bloodlines by inbreeding. Hence why a lot of uglier people come from rich families.

Anyone ever watched/read one piece? The most powerful and wealthy characters, the Celestials are some of the most hideous people in the show. I always thought Oda (the creator) is taking a stab at the old keeping it in the family stories.


There is a saying that those who the Creator blessed with good looks don’t get the wealth or the smarts the Creator bestows on those He made less attractive

Now of course if that be true I must be hella good lookin cuz I be hella broke all me life. Well I am kinda dumb too.

And of course I always had two dimes to rub together , there be many didn’t even have that


Maybe try not living in the most expensive area of the most expensive state in the country?


I know…I can’t afford to be me


“campaign” damn spell check.


OP, in your line of work English skills mean nothing. Strong Chinese skills on the other hand would allow you to interact with local real estate developers and Taiwanese home buyers.

Equally, your bachelor degree means nothing in that specific field. Anyone can be an interior designer in Taiwan as long as he finds clients.

Your inability to find a job is entirely due to your low qualification profile and bad Chinese.
EDIT: “low qualifications” in the local Taiwanese context. Things are probably very different for you in the US.


If his Chinese was good, imagine the kind of moeny he would make in the States selling his services to Overseas compatriots. In that case an internship here or anywhere in Asia would help him know more about the tastes and styles currently in use in this part of the world. Heck, a bit of feng shui study would also be a market asset.


Spot on! That could be a great idea for OP and enable him to fully utilize his background and academic credentials.


Its not entirely down to bad Chinese and qualifications , if the market is not growing then it can be saturated already and few new job openings, which is a common experience in Taiwan over the last 15 years.

I have a lot of experience in my field, but new job openings dont exist here, I basically had to ‘import’ my last two jobs to Taiwan.

The OP doesn’t want to put in the really hard graft and years of work that it would take to be a success here and have a stable income in a non growing industry and economy , nor is he advised to do so by myself. I taught English full time for about 7 months before I got a really low paid foot in the door in my industry. It was then many years of mediocre pay as I built up experience and skills.
I spoke NO Chinese at the time . It took me many years of further hard graft and NTD to learn Chinese to an acceptable standard.

Some kind of short term stint may be useful but don’t expect to make any real money out of it.


I agree HH…er sorry BJ :wink:


Not as easy said…she owes me 70000 nt. Least I need that back before I move on


To all the girls I’ve loved before…

…Give me back my 7000 NTD then we’ll call it quits.


Be the bigger man and let it go.

My ex-fiancée from almost a decade ago still owes me $2,000 USD, which is over 60k NTD. To be honest, I consider it “asshole tax” because I wasn’t a great partner at the time (selfish, too much drinking, even cheating).

Ask yourself, do you really need that 7,000 NTD? Will it really make your life that much better? Just move on.


fixed it for you,


70000=2400 usd. And yes I need the money back to cover my plane ticket.


Thanks for the look out


Okay, I misread. That changes the situation a lot. Well… good luck to him then.


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