Oh, Canada!

Probably none, but at least you don’t get the leaders of Congo on the news every other day virtue signaling about their status in the “current year” moral hierarchy .


When the Canadian Society for the Study of Education meets in Vancouver at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, a trio of education theorists will argue that dodgeball is not only problematic, in the modern sense of displaying hierarchies of privilege based on athletic skill, but that it is outright “miseducative.”

Dodgeball is not just unhelpful to the development of kind and gentle children who will become decent citizens of a liberal democracy. It is actively harmful to this process, they say.

ahhhhh. so, they want docile children who sit and must shutup, or something to that effect.
why not designate all children as not docile and have ADD and drug them up

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WTF. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth…until a strongman comes along and stuffs them in a locker.

So it’s ok for a 5yo boy who likes a skirt to get pumped with hormones because being a trans kid is brave&stunning, but playing dodgeball is a dangerous tool of oppression?

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Wouldn’t be surprised to see a bumper crop of uber-conservative Canadians in 2035 or so. Those kids are going to be so pissed off. :grin:

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It has definitely hit a point of ridiculousness. This article is a good read in relation to the whole inquiry:

I think the inquiry (and Trudeau’s pandering as a whole) has blown up in his face. He has definitely alienated a large portion of his more conservative leaning Liberal supporters. I just hope he doesn’t get re-elected or we have to put up with 4 more years of this nonsense.

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But he legalized marijuana and sex with animals! Who cares about the economy or selling chunks of land to china? Those things are only relevant from a white euro centric patriarcal point of view! It’s time to change, and as we all know, ALL change is ALWAYS good, regardless of the outcome, and that’s because it’s 2019.

I hope every Canadian to the right of:“Pumping 5yo boys full of hormones (and taking them away from their family if they disagree) is brave & stunning” is ready to be called a far right nazi for a while.

Sadly true. Most people with brains in Canada are keeping their mouths shut or talking quietly amongst themselves in fear of being completely crucified on social media or elsewhere.

It has definitely gotten my wife and I more firmly on the train of retiring early and getting the heck out of this country in 5 years - too bad we have to wait that long for my early pension.

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I had the necessity of visiting the Canadian Office in Taiwan this morning, an ordeal normally preceded by a maximum of dread and trepidation.
Normally any visit to the CTOT that doesn’t conclude with Security escorting one off the premises can be counted as a positive.
My last visit, the officer with whom I was dealing managed to come out with not only the “Sir, I don’t make the rules” but also a “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to calm down” all within the first 2 minutes of the proceedings. A Personal Best for me up to that point in time, if I do say so meself.

Unfortunately, today, not only did the entire appointment complete with none of the principals becoming even slightly agitated, not only did the agent immediately agree to assist me, I had, in fact, received the requested documentation via email before I even got home.

I may be losing my edge here.


Interesting stuff about the CTOT. I thought you were updating this thread to comment of Trudeau’s visit to the White House. Interesting exchange between reporters, Trump and Trudeau.

Q Will you help Justin Trudeau get a meeting with Xi Jinping at the G20 next week to talk about the detained Canadians?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, I don’t know that he’s trying to meet. Are you trying to get a meeting?

PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU: We’ve got a lot of things to discuss.

Q He wants one, but Xi won’t meet with him.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, otherwise, I’ll represent him well, I will tell you. We have a meeting set up with President Xi, and it’s obviously on the big transaction that we’re talking about and negotiating. Our people are actually speaking now, and we’ll see what happens with that. But anything I can do to help Canada, I will be doing.

Q Are you planning to bring it up with President Xi when you meet with him?


Q Are you planning to bring it up with President Xi when you meet with him?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I would. At Justin’s request, I will absolutely bring that up.

Reporters asking if Trump will bring up the issues Canada has with China because Trumps good friend Xi won’t give Justin from Canada the time of day.

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Trudeau calling Xi’s office asking for a meeting, and Xi’s staffers replying to him:“Fuck off, little potato” is the most Trudeau thing I can think of.

I love you, man, and Jah knows I’m no fan of Prime Minister Selfie, but if you’re taking joy in a story because Cheeto Jesus and Emperor Pu are the cool guys, well…

Not really, I actually feel bad for the Canadians over in China that have been caught in the middle of this and now are facing a death penalty. Truth is Xi and his regime over in China are brutal, Trudeau decoupled himself from Trump’s admin and China noticed that and took advantage (and will continue to do so as long as a rift is notable).

So, as you say “Emperor Pu” is definitely not in the “cool guys” list. I’m sure Little Potato would be much happier with Obama to deal with. Cheeto Jesus and Trudeau got off on the wrong foot, I think that is something everyone can agree with. Is Trump a “cool guy”? He’s a troll, I think he’s a hard worker, I don’t think I would call President pussy grabber a cool guy though.

Thanks for the love man, right back at you.

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A system that loses money selling cannabis…how the…

cuz the gov’t corporate workers smoked it themselves?

According to Trudeau Canada doesn’t have a nationality. No nation??? Then what is the purpose of its constitution? Legal government? How do you expect laws to be respected?

If this is from a long time ago, didn’t he say Canada had no core identity? This is quite different from saying Canada doesn’t have a nationality or nation.

Of course, you may be referring to something different that I don’t know about.

It is a state but not necessarily a nation. A nation is a community of people with the same culture and political identity. If you are interested in the nuances you can google “nation state” and “westphalian sovereignty” and read the Wikipedia pages.

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Sometimes profitability is just a point of view. The money went somewhere.