Oh, Canada!

She knew something dangerous and wrong was happening. These politico hacks that were bullying her staff/her are pretty rotten people (I have encountered some of them in previous years). Yet, instead of dealing with the issue of judicial independence/PMO interference, Golden Pony Boy kicks them out of the Party and bullies them like a Gang of Four cadre. Feminist, my ass!!! Time to send this ex-drama teacher back into the educational sector—preferably teaching kindy in rural China.:laughing:

I have a feeling the election in October is going to be the Oppositions to lose. And rightly so. I would vote for Long Dong Silver, the ghost of John Holmes, or Lecutis of Borg before I would vote for this drama teaching fraud or the Libranos in general. And the dumb donut eating electorate turfed out Harper for this lightweight? Crikey.

Only way he wins is obtaining the suburban cum sponge vote in Ontario and Quebec from bored housewives or new age men! In the Maritimes and West – he will face an uphill battle.

If this is how a caucus, a government, a political leader, chooses to address and treat women and Indigenous people in politics, I would call [into] … question my trust in their practices and my trust in their governance,” she said. “I think it absolutely is about trust, but I think they’re talking about the wrong people.”


Canada’s issues are so fucking trivial when you put them next to America and Britain’s MESS.

You mean inside those London Buses? It’s dire, I agree


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How do Canadians see the fact that the government sold all the national gold reserves and currently has 0 gold, while other countries try to buy gold? Was everyone cool with that?

Pretty sure I’d characterise the term “uphill battle” as a massive understatement.
More like business as usual, in the West anyways.

Even if you discount the to-the-bone hatred of all things Trudeau, it’s been literally a century since the Libber-holes got seats in the double digits in Alberta.
They could have run Bobby fuckin Curtola for PM (may he rest in peace) and he wouldn’t have got in.

Alberta hates the Libs so much, they voted in the NDP.
That’s deep.

Say what you will about drug freaks and sexual deviants.
They’re still preferable over Old Money Yank Suck Robber Barons who want free fuckin oil.

It’s still Tommy Chong country :wink:


Maybe a Canadian can comment ? I am not sure if she is being correct here ?

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She’s right, but it’s 2019! :sunglasses:

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I was doing some work helping refugees get resettled in Surrey B.C before moving to Taiwan. It was pretty intense.

My main job was doing literal damage control from all the damage these new Canadians were doing to the brand new apartment building they had built or them.

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And your point is?

There lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon
And one day his woman ran off with another guy
Hit young Rocky in the eye
Rocky didn’t like that
He said, “I’m gonna get that boy”
So one day he walked into town
Booked himself a room in the refugee apartment
Rocky lived happily ever after
Rocky is a progressive raccoon and multiculturalism is great

Paul McCartney is a vegan like me :sunglasses:
Why don’t you care about the animals Rocky?
Two spoons of sugar and one cup of tea

Funny that John Tory was very Conservative when he was trying to get elected as a Conservative . Happy that he can be himself now and good luck . Just think it shows how people hide their personalities in Politics to suit the moment .

Nice to see him helping out a single mom financially.

China 2.0 ?

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