Oh how thoughtful they are

Laowaimen, since you all seem to be for TI, take a look here for endless amusement… if you understand Chinese.

By the way, just so you know some of the terminology on that pro-TI website:

zhi1 na4 ren2 (a term used by Japan during WWII) == chinks (refers to mainland Chinese)
tai2 zhi1 == taiwan chinks (refers to waishengren)
xie4 tai2 zhi1 na4 ren2 == chinks discharged in taiwan (refers to waishengren)
tong3 zhi1 == pro-U chinks (refers to Pan-Blue’s generally… cuz, ha, what else can they be!?)

It’s very interesting that in the eyes of TI’ers, there are only two possibilities: either you are (1) Taiwanese (supposed to be those who “love” Taiwan, whatever that means) or you are (2) pro-U ch!nk. There can be no other.

LOL… have fun chatting with some real TI’ers.