Oh My Goodness - a Warning Letter

I have just received a form letter from a local lady warning of a married English man who is running around Kaohsiung shagging ladies (a lot by the sound of it), lying to them, and then leaving them. The letter gives his email address, physical description, part of his name, nationality (not American…whew) , chat room moniker, where he goes and what he likes (at least this dirtbag likes basketball), and his wife’s description.

I believe that the letter was sent to all ESL schools in Kaohsiung city/county(where the guy’s address is) The letter was sent from Taipei.

I have never heard of this kind of tactic before. I do admire the rat-f@@king job this young lady is trying to pull off. :smiley:

Southern chocolate

How about sharing some of those details (description, nationality, etc.) with all of us here, DB?

Geez, the guy wouldn’t have to lie. Mentioning that I am married seems to only increase the interest of some young women :shock:. I’ve been told that it is because “…everyone KNOWS the hsiao lao puo is treated better than the da lao puo.” Strange what people will do for a little sex. Yeah, cool tactic on the part of the woman handing out the fliers :smiley:. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when one ends up in his WIFE’S hands :shock: :laughing:.

The funny thing is the flyer said that the wife (a much older woman) always apologizes to the women for his behavior. (like…whatever)

I’m not sure if I should give out Mr. Randy’s vitals as of course I am hearing only her (their) side of the story. The weird thing is that the letter was sent from Taipei…any other schools get this letter? I will call a couple of buddies tonight to see if they got one.

Oh, that letter :wink:

I lost my copy. :wink: Could you post a copy here? I’d hate to not have that one on file :wink: :wink:

hehehe. i’ll have to talk to my wife about that.

anyway, seems kind of unsubstantiated, doncha think db? besides what is the point of sending this out to english schools? seems more like an attempt to screw this guy than to warn local women. could be true but there are many possible motives for revenge!

Yeah, it is very strange. The Taipei postmark seems strange to me. It could be a school looking to rat-f@@k him but a school would have other ways to do it.

I just think that this bozo is hittting the local chat rooms looking for a bit of lovin’ and he met one lass who didn’t like the results.

How much is truth? Don’t know. But I do know that the wife sounds like a loser (a good match) and it is a clever way to screw a foreigner over.

I had never seen one of those letters before and I thought it was worth sharing.

I have seen one before. Not the screwing around kind but warning letters about teachers. Passport number and full name all included. From the Sth of Taiwan

Was it one of those from the MoE?

Was it one of those from the MoE?[/quote]

No, it was some nutter with a school that sent the letters out in the post to every registered buxiban and kindergarten in Taichung county because he heard the teacher was heading this way.

What a moron eh

Let guess, the school’s initials are “LF”.

I can’t remember. I put that in the trash where it belonged. But “LF” sounds… not even remotely familiar. :smiley:

“LF” has quite a rep down here. Foreign teachers having to break up knife fights between the husband/wife team that runs that circus. Oh, man, too many stories. And I’m a bit afraid to talk about that place …the wife would hunt me down and slap me or something.