"Oh, ... you don't need that!"

Just back from Canada for my mother’s 75th birthday,
and while there went to renew my Passport.
The woman scanning my application stopped and said
“What’s this?”
Before I could ask “What’s what?” she was looking at
my address in Taiwan and said " Oh, you don’t need
Republic of China!" and scratched out R.O.C.
I’ve learned not to get cute with gov’t officials but
I was tempted to ask her if this was gov’t policy.
Even an agnostic would say, “God bless Canada!”

No one really cares… how many times I write my address as Taiwan only and everyone accepts, even my own government…

jeeez it’s taken me about umpteen cycles of your “avatar”
to cast a glance at your prose.
What had come to mind was all this nonsense at the "“Commie’
Olympics” about “Manchurian Formosa” competing.
And today I read Costa Rica has pissed on our pant leg.
It’s true you can’t buy friends, but you can buy me a beer first
chance youe get!