Oi! Israel, USA, PRC, and ROC what a mess

American demand that Israel not return to the Chinese the Harpy assault drone that China recently acquired and which it sent back to Israel for an upgrade.

…that American soldiers defending Taiwan could be harmed by Israeli technologies,

…that Taiwan is trying to drive a wedge between Israel and the U.S.[/quote]
I guess this is an example of the far-reaching implication of the Strait Issue. I don’t even know if this is legal. Weapons bought from Israel with no USA technology are being requested for confiscation by the USA.

I suppose Israel will once again will need to pay huge reparation to PRC in order to maintain their PRC and USA relationship.

Good for the USA. I am sick of Isreal selling advanced weapons to such an evil regime like the Chinese Communist Party. As Isreal’s biggest ally, it is about time the USA demanded more allegiance from them.

Thanks for the link. This is good news indeed AC.

Israel is one of the U.S.'s biggest welfare whores; if they want their subsidies, they’d better not sell military equipment to our enemies.

welfare whores? Sounds anti-semantic. You mean like sell technology Pakistan?

Oh this story gets funnier by the minute.


In actual fact, Washington was informed by Taiwan, which recently also purchased Harpy drones from Israel.

Because the Chinese were supplied first, their model is less advanced than the up-to-date version sold Taiwan… China demanded that its Harpy drones be brought level with the UARs supplied Taiwan.

Israel assented

Pakistan had it’s F-16s withheld - which is why Taiwan got them.

You’re an anti-semantic? You mean you 've got something agianst meaning in language? I think I understand now.

Isreal receives a lot of technological support, both direct and indirect. The US should have a say.

I would say sell it to them, nothing better than to have a potential opponent using technology you have the full spec.'s for

More than a few posts on here would meet that description. Until recently, bob’s entire oeuvre was like that.