Oil Pressure Sender port T-piece adaptor

The kind of thing that people use when they want to fit a mechanical oil pressure guage while retaining the original oil pressure warning light sender (That isn’t what I want it for, but I think it’d do, though bigger bore might be better.) I’d need stuff to make oil lines too, or get them made up.

I dunno where to get such things in Taiwan. Any suggestions?

And you are adding an oil cooler? Or some hydraulic accessory like a crane arm?

If I can get the bits. I suppose it’d be a hydraulic accumulator, so the latter category.

Bit more detail.

Here’s what I’d like to emulate,

Or perhaps more like this:-

Anyway, its quite a simple device, but at a minimum, it needs 4 components

(A.) An access point to the engines pressurised oil galleries
(B.) an oil pressure vessel of 1-2 litre capacity
(C.) A pipe connecting (A.) and (B.)
(D.) a valve to shut-off the connection between A and B

(A.) Access Point

The commercial implementation above uses the pressure switch port.

If one wants to retain the existing oil pressure switch, then a T-piece is required, one end of the T taking the pressure switch, the other providing the access point. These T-pieces are often used when fitting an after-market oil pressure gauge.

I’m not familiar with pipe fittings and they seem to have been standardized by a drunk French engineer with a USDOD taste for acronyms and an inability to use them consistently. There’s also quite a lot of conflicting information on’t web about the thread specs for Daihatsu’s, but AFAICT, one of these “TP8” adapters should fit, available from here:-

speedograph-richfield.com/ht … lines.html

1/8” BSPT – Male block fitting, apparently fairly standard for Japanese cars
1/8” BSPT – Female end fitting, to take the original oil pressure switch (not visible below)
1/8” x 27 NPT – take off point for aftermarket guage

This kind of thing:-

The above (UK) site also supplies an NPT to BSP adapter which in turn takes the BSP oil pipeline and guage, so the whole thing is BSP except the NPT port on the T-piece. Dunno why that’s different.

I’d guess the adapter is because BSP guages and pipe are more available than NPT in the UK, perhaps in contrast to Japan/Taiwan, though I’ve also heard it alleged that NPT always leaks because the tapered fitting gets expanded on tightening.

Anyway, I have two questions

Can I get one of these T-pieces in Taiwan, or do I have to order it from the UK?

Assuming I get one, are oil lines most easily obtainable as NPT or BSP fittings in Taiwan? (In the latter case I’d need to get an adapter)

A hose doctor should have pretty much every kind of hydraulic fitting imaginable. Ask a Taiwanese friend to search the net for companies that provide services for cranes/dozers etc and they should be able to find a hose doctor where you live. They’ll have hundreds of drawers full of different sized end connectors and T-pieces and could probably put together what you need. There’s a whole bunch of them in Wugu as I remember.

Happy hunting: G-maps

There’s a ton of stuff around there.

Then there’s the turners and millers the taps and dies.

If you really get stuck. then give me a pm or email. Do please try yourself first though, as, as much as I love to help, my time is pretty tight recently. I hope you understand.

Thanks all.

I’ll try and get local enquiries made in/around Tainan/Kaoshiung first, but I’ll take a trip up to Taipei if I need to.

Yeh. Looks like I might need to.

I’m still hoping to enlist the gf’s help on this issue, but it looks like its going to bring out the Taiwanese in her. i.e. DIY is WRONG in principle, and impossible in practice :aiyo:

Course, she might be correct in this case re the practice. :neutral: